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Seeing Someone In Your Dreams Before You Even Meet Them

by Conscious Reminder

Dreams are vague thought processes of our minds. They can create surreal scenarios inside our cerebral walls.

Sometimes, these dreams are so vivid that you find it hard to differentiate them from reality. For some people, dreams are clairvoyant visions.

They believe that dreams can presage the future. Dreams are a reflection of our subconscious.

Whatever’s going on at the back of our heads has a possibility of manifesting itself in the form of dreams.

So, we can allude that dreams are in a way mental projections of our intuition. Our intuition gives us wild hunches and signs, and for most people, they turn out to be true.

So, if you can follow your gut instincts, then how can you brush off dreams like they mean nothing?

Meeting Someone In Your Dreams & Déjà vu

In our dreams, we often encounter people that we’ve never met before. They might have distorted appearances or an abstract visual form. Our dreams can transport us to distant spiritual planes.

They can give us a ferry ride to another dimension. Sometimes, in these spiritual realms, we come across our astral doubles that are dream-selves of our soul mates.

These astral doubles tend to skip ahead and meet us ahead of time, before uniting with us in the real world. Sometimes, they do that by infiltrating our dreams.

You can even communicate with them in your dream world. If they are specifically there to convey any messages, they will leave hints and clues for you.

That’s why the interpretation of dreams is such a widely studied subject. When you meet your soul mate in the real world, your subconscious will automatically activate.

You immediately feel a strong sense of familiarity. You’ll somehow know that you’ve known them all along.

Often when we dream, we have other people there with us. This intense feeling of Déjà vu will stimulate unprecedented emotions. That’s why whenever you meet your soul mate; you feel an instant spark and incomprehensible soul-intimacy.

Some people hypothesize that your soul mate appears in dreams in the form of spirit guides.

Their sole purpose of entering our dreams is to guide us towards them. The whole universe is connected in one way or another and sometimes the universe wires our minds to have dreams about our soul mates.

It conspires to bring us closer to our one true love. So, it might be your spirit guide or the mysterious schemes of the universe at play, but they both choose dreams as a medium to reach out to you.

You have to pay attention to these dreams, and decipher their hidden meaning to attain clarity.

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