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Bridging Two Realms – Are The Dead Really With Us?

by John Holland; OM Times

The book, Bridging Two Realms, helps one to learn to communicate with the deceased.

Are The Dead Really With Us?

I’m so honored and grateful for the feedback I’ve been receiving about my latest book: Bridging Two Realms – Learn To Communicate With Your Loved Ones On The Other-Side.

While writing Bridging Two Realms, emotions were running high for me as I wrote about some very personal experiences that are extremely close to my heart, which of course brought them to the surface, and I relived some of them again through my writing.

I’m so glad that I kept it personal because many people are already contacting me saying how it has helped them cope with a loss of someone that was close to them. This is the main reason I decided to write this book, principally to help those who are missing or grieving for a loved one.

The following paragraphs are a small excerpt from Bridging Two Realms that I wanted to share, and I hope it helps you or someone you know at this time, who is dealing with the loss of their loved one.

Excerpt from Bridging Two Realms

When someone passes and leaves this world, the usual familiar ways we use to communicate, get interrupted for a time until a new form of communication is established. That new form of communication happens through the mind.

With mediums who work mentally, the spirit of a loved one will link with the medium in a mind-to-mind telepathic connection. Once the link is established, the medium will receive information clairvoyantly, clairsentiently, or clairaudiently. The words, images, or feelings that are given from the spirit to the medium are all part of the authentication process of validating their identity.

However, you don’t have to see a medium to communicate or feel close to a departed loved one. Many people who come to see me are longing to connect with the Other-Side, but in reality, they’ll be receiving the information secondhand. Whether you lost someone recently or long ago, know that it is possible to connect with them yourself. They do welcome your thoughts and do what they can to help.

Many people feel that their loved ones immediately become all knowing after they’ve passed. Although there’s a natural progression of the soul, they’re still the person you knew. They’re learning new things themselves as they reacquaint themselves with their real home, the Spirit World. They do what they can to guide us; maybe nudge us in the right direction to be in the right place at the right time; and, of course, continue to love us. However, they cannot take away the karmic lessons that we are meant to learn here.

Your loved ones know what you’re going through, and they realize how much you’re missing them. Many people have said after a loss, “It’s so strange, I feel as if they are right here with me.” The reason for this is simple: they could possibly be there in spirit right next to you! While they try to comfort you, it’s easy to miss those subtle signs they’re sending you, especially during times of grief when your emotions are so sensitive.

John’s Lesson

When the time feels right, I recommend sitting in a comfortable place and trying to clear or calm down the chatter in your mind for a few moments. Now, just focus on sending your thoughts to your loved ones. Send them your prayers, your wishes, your love . . . And, if need be, send your forgiveness.

Don’t expect a dramatic response, like a scene from a movie where a spirit manifests right in front of you. You may not get a loud voice booming in your ear. You might even feel as though you’re not having any success at first. However, please keep talking and sending those loving thoughts out. You’ll know if you connect. It might be the most imperceptible feeling as if a light flickered over your soul.

You might get answers in ways you weren’t expecting, so acknowledge them by letting them know you feel them. The more you connect – the stronger the connection will grow. Your thoughts and the love you have for your loved ones and pets is the bridge that you are building that reaches farther than you could ever imagine!

Try to not let anyone talk you into believing it’s just your imagination. You’ll know in your heart when you have forged a loving link with your loved one. It’s a totally different feeling than our own normal conscious thoughts! You’ll understand what I mean when you experience it for the first time. Trust me when I say, “They want to talk to you — as much as you want to talk to them!”

Live a Soul-filled life!

About the Author

John Holland is an American artist, best-selling author, spiritual teacher, and public speaker, who describes himself as a psychic medium.

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