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A Man Who Claims He’s From the Future Passes ‘Lie Detector Test’ With Flying Colours

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A MAN claiming to be a time traveller from another planet has allegedly passed a “lie detector test”, but he did so while refusing to answer some significant questions.

A MAN claiming to be a time traveller from another planet has allegedly passed a lie detector test.

The man, Jame Oliver, who says he is from the year 6491, agreed to answer a series of questions posed by Paranormal YouTube channel ApexTV.

Mr Oliver claims his time machine has broken down and as a result he is stuck in 2018.

The identities of both the interviewer and Mr Oliver are concealed and Mr Oliver’s voice is distorted. At times the video also features odd edits and dubbing.

The interviewer begins by asking Mr Oliver to confirm that he is an actual time traveller. “Yes, I am an actual time traveller,” he says in an odd British accent.

James Oliver, who claims to be a time traveller from the year 6491, has passed a lie-detector test with flying colours. Picture: Apex TV/YouTubeSource:Supplied

When asked where his time machine is, Mr Oliver responds, “I can’t tell you that”.

He then goes on to say that while he is from the year 6491, his years “are different” to our years, partly because his home planet is further from the sun than Earth is.

“But we have very gifted mathematicians working day and night … to calculate the relationship between our years and the years of the various different planets and civilisations that we research. After those calculations are complete, I’m from your year 6491.”

He warns that global warming is going to be a big issue, explaining the planet is going to become “warmer and warmer”.

He said it is a combined result of man-made emissions and the fact that the planet is “on a geological warming period”.

The interviewer asks what steps we can take to combat the problem of global warming, and Mr Oliver says America needs to get back on the Paris treaty and reduce carbon emissions.

In the future, he says the world will have a united government like the UN, but countries will have their own individual government and leaders as well.

James Oliver says he has friends who are “aliens”. Picture: Apex TV/YouTubeSource:Supplied

He also talks about how we will all have Siri-like Artificial Intelligence systems in our homes in the future and says he has met numerous “aliens”.

“The definition of alien is something out of this world, so technically, I am meeting one right now,” he says.

“I have personal relationships with a few of them, I have friends I’d consider aliens. They are a nice lot, they are. Don’t be quick to judge foreign species.

“I have some who are quite good friends. My closest friend is from another galaxy.”

However, when asked who the future US Presidents would be, he said there are restrictions as to what he can say.

“I can’t disclose that with you, I’m sorry. It creates too big of a ripple to share that information with you.”

He claims he went to Apex to share his story because they had “quite the publicity”.

What does he miss most about the future? “My family and friends,” he replies.

According to the results of the alleged “lie detector test”, Mr Oliver was telling the truth in response to every single question.

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