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The Way Out Of The 3rd Dimensional Linear Self

by Gematria Ankh Amen;

Multidimensional portals are rapidly opening here, there, and everywhere within every being, and in every kingdom upon and within Gaia. Our message today is a brief reminder, that there is nothing left to do but be loving with yourself. At this powerful moment in our ever-shifting perception of time, we want you to focus on the Love You Are, and what you’re creating. We “spend” most of our time and energy “paying” for our experiences by giving away our valuable power of attention to Nouns other than ourselves.

More often than not, much energy is leaked and wasted by maintaining unconscious focus. Things have changed Dear Ones, and nothing is as it appears. The best way to tap in, and know the influx of Light Coded frequencies for yourself is to be as One with yourself. We are being given the ability to now manifest our individual and collective realities much faster. That alone is more than enough reason to be mindful of your thoughts, especially what you’ve planted on your subconscious mind.

If you’ve been spinning your creative wheels and waiting to take off, the wait is over. Change on a galactic scale is here. Prepare to be able to hold the higher frequencies of Light with more ease and grace as the portals within your DNA gradually and continuously activate and open up to reveal your new world to you. During this ongoing process, the more you make time for Self-Love, choose higher thoughts, and focus upon what going on within, the more you will be able to sustain and hold higher vibrations.

The way out of the 3rd dimensional linear Self is to go within with intent. The time spent alone in meditation, simply speaking lovingly to your DNA, and focused intent on breathing, all assist in remembering and sustaining more and more of your higher dimensional reality.

Beloved, your DNA has never been junk, but the inactive way back to wholeness. Your DNA knows everything. Every code and key you need is already within you, and your ultimate ascension blessings will reveal when you pay your most precious attention to building your new life of Light. As always, I send you unconditional Love, Peace, and Healing Energy.

Dr. Gem is a writer of Science Fiction novels based on fact, a Light worker, Energy healer, Spiritual counselor, and Yogini. You can view her latest work on her website at:

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