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10 Reasons Why Sweet Potatoes are Good for Diabetes Patients

by Healthy & Tasty Recipes

Sweet potatoes are a type of potatoes that differs in color, taste and appearance. Sweet potatoes are not brown like regular potatoes – they have a creamy yellowish color, while in some countries like Japan they can be purple.

Although unusual in appearance, sweet potatoes contain a variety of nutrients and antioxidants which make them a great ally for our health.

Here are 10 reasons why you should eat sweet potatoes more often:

Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels
Studies have shown that diabetics can benefit from regular consumption of sweet potatoes. The vegetable has the ability to control the production of insulin and the blood sugar as well, effectively preventing diabetes.

Full Of Fiber

Sweet potatoes have a high amount of fiber which is great for your digestion and metabolism. The fiber can promote detoxification and reduce the level of cholesterol in your arteries which is important for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Rich In Vitamin A

The rich amount of vitamin A found in sweet potatoes is beneficial for smokers as it can repair damaged lung tissue and improve the function of the respiratory system.

Full Of Vitamin D

Sweet potatoes are among the rarest foods rich in vitamin D. Vitamin D is highly important for our teeth and bones and our skin and heart as well, so getting more of it is recommended.

Rich In Potassium

Potassium is one of the most important minerals for our heart function and muscles and sweet potatoes have it in abundance. Potassium can reduce the negative impact of sodium on your organs and reduce your high blood pressure as well, effectively preventing a variety of ailments.

Great For Your Heart

Due to the abundance of potassium and magnesium, sweet potatoes are great for your muscles and heart. They will reduce the risk of leg cramps and relax your muscles while regulating your heartbeat and preventing heart attack and stroke.

Rich In Beta-Carotene

Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant which can help you in cases of asthma, arthritis and gout. The antioxidant will also protect your lungs and prevent some types of cancer such as breast cancer.

Full Of Folic Acid

Sweet potatoes contain a lot of folic acid, an important compound which can prevent birth defects and ensure proper development of the fetus. This makes them an ideal choice of food for pregnant women.

Rich In Vitamin C

The vegetable contains a lot of vitamin C which is great for your immune system and can prevent infections.

Treat Various Skin Conditions

Boil a few sweet potatoes and save the liquid after it has cooled down, then rub it on your skin to treat different skin conditions. Sweet potatoes also have the ability to open up your pores and remove all the impurities and dirt that might cause acne.

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