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Marijuana Chewing Gum to Relieve Fibromyalgia Pain

by iTrustNaturalCures

This medicinal marijuana product is the first of its kind.

The range of medicinal marijuana products is ever expanding, and the legalization of the drug n many states has allowed for some ingenious ideas.

Despite still having some opposition, many people are accepting of the idea of using cannabis to treat chronic and painful conditions – the evidence is irrefutable.

Cannabis is know to be excellent at treating pain, can reduce seizures in severe epilepsy conditions and it better at treating pain from chronic conditions than most of the leading ‘traditional’ medicines.

This has allowed those who believe in cannabis as an effective cure to be a little more inventive with the products they have brought to the market.

MedChewRx is a the new chewing gum making the headlines. It’s made with cannabis and aimed at treating chronic pain, specifically fibromyalgia.

It has an equal amount of both CBD and THC (the active components of marijuana), delivering 5mg of each, with it’s makers saying the CBD will naturally cancel out most of the psychoactive CBD.

The gum can digested directly in the mouth, as opposed to smoking the plant, bypassing the liver for a faster relieving effect.

There are several other benefits to the chewing aspect for pain sufferers, including but not limited to:
  • Neuroprotective and neurostimulatory effects on the mind
  • Stress relief
  • Stimulation of the cardiovascular system
  • Improvement of age-related cognitive decline
Chewing marijuana gum is also more socially accepted than smoking, and allows for those with fibromyalgia to get quick pain relief almost anywhere without fear of backlash from those around them.

The important ingredient that is taken from the cannabis plant is CBD, which is a non-psychoactive ingredient, meaning it effectively kills pain without getting you ‘high’ which is often the preconception people have about medicinal marijuana.

CBD works by blocking pain receptors in the body, stopping pain messages from getting to the brian, and it does this very effectively indeed.

The company who have developed the marijuana chewing gum is know as Axim Biotechnologies, they are currently still in the testing stage, but say that the product should be available to buy in 2018.

The benefits of using chewing gum as the carrier for the CBD to get into the body is that when reacting with the saliva in the mouth, it reaches the blood stream quickly. It bypasses the internal organs and does not have to be processed by any of them, for faster acting relief.

It is hoped that the marijuana chewing gum will be especially helpful for people suffering fibromyalgia, who often need fast relief when the pain from their illness starts, and this form of relief should be much faster than the previous alternatives.


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Image Credit – GreenRushDaily

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