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The New Twin Flame of 2018 – Toppling the 3D Matrix

by Jetson White;

The numerology of 2018 is 2+1+8=11. Eleven is a master number and represents the Twin Flame, but this year it’s not about lovers or arch enemies. The Twin Flame of 2018 is about the restoration of a balance between masculine and feminine energies within one individual—YOU.

One of the main methods of mind control being deployed on the planet today is rooted in hierarchies. About 5,000 years ago, those who are compelled to keep Humanity in a state of turmoil for their own purposes set up power-over-others hierarchies designed to shift the bulk of control over to males. The first hierarchy they put into place was male over female, or patriarchy. Hierarchies beget hierarchies, and more and more branched off, eventually forming a low-frequency matrix that encircled the planet–with patriarchy at the root of it all.

So, now we can see how to topple the 3D Matrix! Pull out the first block that was placed and the rest come tumbling down!

But how? Right here right now as you are having this Human experience, you can chip away at the 3D Matrix with your day-to-day choices. Each time you choose to respond to an unwanted circumstance from a calm and conscious state of compassion and cooperation, you embody the Christ and expand the Christ Consciousness on this planet.

The new Twin Flame of 2018 is the two equals: Masculine and Feminine. These two fields are merged by letting the heart be the first to respond. Then, after the heart has decided, the mind is consulted for ideas on how to best support the heart’s decision. Another term for this process is integrating the Divine Feminine!

This new balance will, of course, create chaos in the hologram of the 3D world.

Personally, I choose to ignore the 3D world’s hologram, and to keep all of my attention inward. This sounds selfish on the surface, but the deeper within you go, the more you tap in to your purpose, until you eventually discover you’re important enough to have a planetary purpose! Seriously, the deeper you delve into the true Self, the more selfless you become because you broaden your awareness of your connection to everyone and everything.

Keeping your attention inward is also an effective long-term strategy for maintaining a frequency above 3D, for when you can do this, your Timeline will not converge with chaotic 3D Timelines.

2018 heralds a time when patriarchy is finally seen for what it is. And the natural response to 5,000 years of war and suffering is a return to matriarchy! Most have been led to believe that matriarchy is the opposite of patriarchy. Not so! Matriarchy is about one thing: a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. A return to matriarchy is basically a return to Christ Consciousness.

As Light Codes and Star Codes arrive through this year’s portal openings, Human DNA is being coded with the ability to merge masculine and feminine within the heart, and thus birth the Christ Consciousness within the mind. This is the Second Coming of Christ, for it restores the balance of the masculine and feminine on Planet Earth. And this equality of the two energies within each of us is the new Twin Flame of 2018.

About the Author:

Jetson White is an emerging Galactic Human and Way Shower with Pride. After receiving the Diamond Light Codes in December 2015, he achieved a high enough frequency to no longer require food. He is a graduate of the Resonance Academy Delegate LVL1 Course offered by Nassim Haramein’s Resonance Science Foundation, and writes and produces a YouTube show called “Dancing With The Stars—The Emergence of the Galactic Humans.” Jetson is on Facebook as Jetson White in Kauai, HI, and can also be contacted via

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