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A Personal Perspective Of 4 Different Psychedelic Substances

by Luke Miller; Truth Theory

Over the last 13 months I have been experimenting with many different psychoactive substances (You Can Read More Here), for the main part it has been 4 different psychedelics that I have had the biggest breakthroughs and insights with, so for this article I wanted to share a breakdown of my experience with Ayahuasca, DMT, Wachuma and Mushrooms.


Out of all the substances ayahuasca (especially the Peruvian jungle medicine) is without a doubt the strongest. In my experience, you do not just hallucinate, but travel to other dimensions easily, hang out with non-human entities and get the chance to ask big questions.

However, and this is a big however, it also has the ability to mess you up in the biggest way. I know many people who have drank ayahuasca- many have had great experiences, but more than not are lost. I think a lot can be said for seeing too much, too soon and you really need to prep for this kind of experience.

There is a diet which varies from place to place, but the basic idea is no sex, no drugs/alcohol, no salt, no sugar and healthy clean living. This is usually recommended 7 days prior, during your time with the medicine and 7 days after.

However, doing the diet is just one component. My personal preparation was 2 years of communication through dreams and meditation with the medicine. Researching the places to go and what ayahuasca actually is, and around 8 years meditation and grounding prior to drinking. With this, I still had psychotic breaks and came close to the edge of my sanity.


DMT is a different species when smoked, it is like an alien language which blasts you off into another dimension, leaving you not quite knowing what you just experienced. I think a lot of its effectiveness comes from the fact that it shatters your perception of reality and dissolves the barriers put up through conditioning. For me (and this whole article is just my personal account), DMT is non-verbal and something different from what we know.

I have a theory that it is- plant consciousness experiencing itself through a human channel and believe that it could be learning just as much from us as we are from it, but it is something (if you allow it) that completely removes the human mind and ego, and blast you off into another world that is incomprehensible to our day to day human experience.


Wachuma (San Pedro) is a cactus which grows in the Peruvian mountains, unlike most other substances, it is more earthly and can also be incredibly grounding. Personally, wachuma allowed me to understand my humanness and earth as a whole. Its visions are more animated, and you can literally see the Peruvian culture when you take wachuma.

Wachuma is a grandfather medicine and you feel the gentle subtleness of a grandfather when you take it. I have not felt much of a darkness when taking wachuma in comparison to other medicines and would say that while it is still a very strong medicine, it is also a lot more gentle and loving.


Mushrooms were my introduction to the world of psychedelics and started off quite subtly with a small dosage and for me increases in intensity the higher you go in dose. This may seem obvious, however, for me personally, it doesn’t seem to matter how much ayahuasca I drink, I always go deeper each time.

Mushrooms have the strongest real-world visuals for me, space becomes warped and you can actually see that all matter is illusory. Meaning when we take substances we are not seeing a warped version of reality, but you are just seeing it from another perspective. I also got to see through the illusion of separation for the first time on mushrooms and in the same way that the heart is just a piece of the human body, humans are just part of a larger entity (Earth/Universe/Beyond).

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