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Detoxify Your Lungs: 8 Must-Do Strategies To Heal From Respiratory Problems

by Healthy & Tasty Recipes

The lungs are definitely among the most important organs in the body, but we rarely pay much attention to them.

Air pollution, smoking and other factors can do significant damage to the lungs and impair our ability to breathe properly, which can result in life-threatening problems. Whatever enters our lungs eventually goes into the bloodstream, which is why it’s vital to keep them clean and properly functioning.

There are many things you can do to increase your lung capacity and reduce the risk of lung cancer and other respiratory problems. Here are 8 simple tips on how to detoxify your lungs naturally:


Drinking plenty of water is highly important for our lungs and overall health. In general, experts recommend daily consumption of 8-10 glasses of water (or at least 6) in order to stay hydrated and keep your lungs properly functioning. The water will prevent bacterial infections as well and eliminate the excess mucus in the lungs. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, add some fruits or vegetables in it. Here’s a nice recipe that can help:

Lemon and cucumber detox drink

  • A glass of water
  • 6-8 cucumber slices
  • ½ a lemon
  • A handful of mint leaves

Mix everything in a bowl and leave it in the fridge overnight. When you get up in the morning, strain the lovely lemonade and drink it every day to detox your lungs and improve their function.

Peppermint, ginger and lemon

Lemon water is definitely one of the best natural cleansers. It is full of antioxidants and other important nutrients such as vitamin C which will eliminate bacteria in your airways and keep them clean. Add some peppermint, ginger and lemon in a glass of water and drink the mixture every morning to unclog your respiratory tract and eliminate the toxins stuck in your lungs. You can also drink a few cups of ginger or peppermint tea every day for the same result.

Breathing exercises

Deep breathing techniques can clean toxins from your body and keep them functioning properly. They will also improve the blood flow to your lungs and help you breathe easier. Try this – hold your breath for as long as you can, then exhale as hard as you can. Besides breathing exercises, you can also start working out to stimulate your heart and boost your lung capacity.

Natural cleaning products

The cleaning products we use every day are full of chemicals and toxins which can seriously harm our health. Most of these products have also been associated with asthma and respiratory problems, which is why they should be avoided. Whenever you’re buying a cleaning product, make sure to check the label and go for those without fragrance and flammable ingredients. Air your home as well by opening your doors and windows more often.

A hot eucalyptus bath

Taking a hot bath or shower with eucalyptus essential oil will open your lungs and clean them of any kind of toxins and chemicals. Eucalyptus is a powerful antioxidant and antiseptic agent which can relieve coughs and colds easily and is also great against sinus and chest congestion and a sore throat.

Stop smoking

Smoking is about the worst thing you can do to your health. It isn’t easy to quit, but you must try if you want to live a healthy life. Drinking plenty of water and eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables will help, as can avoiding smoky rooms and smokers in general. Cigarettes are highly harmful for our overall health, not just the lungs. They contain tar and other carcinogenic chemicals, and are responsible for 84% of lung cancer deaths, so maybe you may want to think about quitting.

Grape juice

Drinking fresh grape juice once a week can significantly improve the function of your lungs. Grape juice can clean your lungs of toxins and contains powerful antioxidants that will reduce the inflammation and irritation in your lungs.

Avoid foods that produce mucus

Soy, dairy products and wheat can all boost mucus production in the lungs so it’s best to stay away from them. They are also hard to digest, which is why it’s important to avoid them and consume fiber and antioxidant-rich foods more often. These foods will boost your digestion and improve the function of your lungs.

As you can see, the health of our lungs is highly important for our overall wellbeing. Follow the aforementioned tips to clean your lungs and improve their capacity and function and keep your health in check.

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