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Smokers Please Read, This Elixir Is Going To Help You To Clean The Tar And Toxins From The Lungs

by Organic Health Universe

Smokers, you have to read this! There is an elixir that is going to help you in the process of cleaning the tar and toxins from the lungs.

If you smoke cigars you have to have noticed and is possible that you are suffering from the so called smoker’s cough.

However, there are plenty of other negative effects that cigars cause, it is not the cough the only one.

So, as we said there are plenty of problems that cigars give you, probably you know some of them, but no matter what you cannot give up on smoking?

In what way you can lower the negative effects that cigars have on your health?

Well, the best and most useful solution will be if you decide to stop smoking, however if you are not able to do that then you have to use this elixir that is helpful for cleaning your lungs from toxins and tar.

You know how people say it is better to be safe instead of sorry, however if you think you are not able to do that, then do everything you can to keep clean the lungs of tar and toxins.

The following are some tips how you can do that by using some diet food which may have a lot of effects on your health. Those are:


Ginger is capable to eliminate mucus from the lungs. However, this elimination is just one of the many uses that ginger has for the health of people. It is also very good and popular for its ability to eliminate toxins from the respiratory system.


Onions are very well known as ingredients that help in lowering the infections in the respiratory system.


Turmeric is said to be a spice with enormous health benefits. It is consisted of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which are very helpful when it comes to the fight against viruses and colds.

These type of food are very useful in the process of preparing an elixir that eliminates tar and toxins from the lungs. Apart from these ingredients such as onions, ginger and turmeric, you will have to use honey and water as well.

The elixir is going to help you cleaning the lungs from toxins and tar.

These are the necessary ingredients:
  • 400 grams of honey
  • 1 kilogram of onion
  • A pinch of turmeric
  • 1 liter of water,
  • 1 small ginger root
How to prepare it:

Take one pot place it on the stove on medium heat, then put in it water and honey.

Chop the onions and root from the ginger and put them into the mixture which is already boiling, then you will leave the whole mixture for a few minutes to boil and after that you will put the turmeric.

Lower the heat and leave the mixture to simmer, stop when you notice that the liquid is half lowered. Let the mixture to cool down, then strain it and put it into a jar.

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