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Clear Video Of FAST Saucer Shaped UFO Taken At ECETI Ranch In Washington Sept 29, 2017

by Joe Martino; Collective Evolution

Is it a drone? A bird? A plane or something else? Maybe a bug? These are a number of different thoughts that have come to YouTube viewers’ minds as they watched this intriguing footage from just a few days ago.

The video was shot on the morning of Sept 29th at 9am by Ryan Wehner on his Galaxy S7 at ECETI Ranch in Washington state. While he was shooting a panoramic scene he captured an object flying by extremely quickly. He went on to review the footage at his computer and noticed some incredible anomalies.

“The ship is spinning like a top! I could send you the original.” Ryan said as he played the footage back and slowed it down over and over. “It spins on a grid line. The video starts normal and I change into slow motion mode in video for rest of video. It is no Bird. It actually is anti-gravity and has no propellers or wings that are commonly known or used today.”

I gathered Ryan’s comments via a YouTube video that was posted on FADE TO BLACK Radio’s channel. Ryan has been going through and engaging with viewers as they ask questions, think critically and explore what this object might be.

Here are a few more comments from Ryan about the video, the object in it, and clearing up a few details FTB got incorrect about the video.

“Thank you for the great video Jimi Church and all of you in the Bunker at FADE TO BLACK Radio, it is ok about the iPhone and panoramic video. This video is taken on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Active after the first second of film I switch to slow motion mode. The craziest part of the video I took is that this ship spins the entire time you can see it. At that speed that makes this such an incredible video.

There are two pipe like objects as well that stick out of the top and side and there are no wings or propellers, I believe this is a anti gravity ship and can’t wait to get back to ECETI and take some more pictures and videos of this beautiful object and many others like it again soon! I will be in contact with you soon about this video and the other pictures I have from before I took the video as well that I discovered last night with my younger and older brothers!! Thanks again!

I do not believe that we have made a good drone that spins. On my original video I took this object is spinning to the left the entire video and the object does continue in the video to move along the front of the tree line and cuts in and out of the trees. The craziest thing is that this video is slowed down on my Samsung Galaxy S7 after one second of the film. So that is half the normal speed and spinning to the left the entire time!!!! Unbelievable to most and It’s an incredible video and can’t wait to get back to Eceti Ranch and get some more classic footage!”

The Obvious Increased Interest In UFO’s/Aliens

Running CE and having a finger on the pulse of the content people are consuming these days reveals some very clear trends. One of which is that of the increased, almost obsession, over ET and UFO related content. We don’t set out to write this stuff all the time, it just happens. It happens due to the amount that’s popping up but also due to how much people ask about it and want it.

I believe the reason for this is quite simple, humanity is searching so dearly for alien life because 1. deep down we know it’s there and we’ve been lied to about it and 2. we know, again deep down, that it will be a HUGE catalyst to an overall awakening that will take place within our consciousness, effectively bringing about a better world.

How would we create a better world knowing ET’s exist? Quite simple. We’re in a bit of a sleep state here collectively on the planet. While a ton of people have been ‘waking up’ over the years, questioning our reality and looking within themselves, many are still not, and our world’s systems and structures still very much only work for a few while enslaving the many. Deep down we know we don’t have to live this way, nor do we still wish to. We know what it feels like, what it creates, what it looks like to live like this, and deep down we’re looking for a change.

With the ET reality comes a shift in consciousness about who we are and why we are here -and of course that we’re not alone. That suddenly will challenge our economy, way of life, religious beliefs, way of being and so forth. Everything begins to shift with a massive catalyst like that. Of course it’s not the only thing that could create these sorts of shifts in humanity, but it certainly would help a great deal and it seems to be a direction humanity is collectively moving towards with this great interest in ET’s.

So, as this massive shift in our awareness continues to take place, we’ll continue to see shifts in the way people think, act and wish to create our world moving forward. Not only that, the reality of ET life will only become more and more clear.

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