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7 Things You See In Dreams and Their Meanings

by Peace Quarters

There is a reason we see the dreams we do.

You might think that the dreams are just random and do not mean anything, but that is incorrect. All dreams have a purpose, and they happen for a reason.

There is nothing magical about it.

A research was conducted in ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratory in Japan to look at brain scans while identifying the visual symbols of dreams. They determined that we watch our dreams the same way we watch our waking world.

To research the dreams and fully understand them, we need to know about participants’ everyday lives as well.

So, the most prominent question is, are dreams just the replays of visual stimuli we see in our everyday life or are they messages from beyond?

Here are seven symbols you often see in your dreams and their meanings:

1. Flying

Flying means going after your dreams and symbolizes ambition. It gives you more motivation and power actually to accomplish your goals in waking life. Flying in a dream gives you a feeling of freedom, and it makes you believe that anything is possible.

2. Waterfalls

Waterfalls stand as powerful symbols. All in all, water means cleansing and purity. When you see a waterfall, it means washing away old troubles and problems and opening yourself up to new opportunities. There is also a difference, if you see a short or a long waterfall and if the waterfall is located in a dark forest or a beautiful beach.

3. Teeth

Seeing teeth in dreams is pretty standard, and teeth have many meanings. For example, some teeth symbolize aging, pulling a tooth means something needs to come out, rotten teeth express fear and worry. Seeing teeth can also say that you are stressed and maybe something big is going to change in your life.

4. Death

Seeing death is almost as common as seeing teeth. Many people do not like to admit it, but seeing death does not mean that someone is dying. It says that one something is ending in your life. It can be an emotion, a job, a relationship or just a state of mind, that is going to change.

5. Pregnant

Dreaming about pregnancy means a considerable development and growth. It says you are thinking about the future and may also already have a great plan for it. It also means that you are about to make or create something beautiful, maybe it is a new business, a new friend, a new hobby or a new job. It does not only have to relate to giving birth.

6. Money

Dreaming about money shows luck and your self-worth. People, who see money in their dreams, have usually woken up with a feeling of gratitude.

Financial stability makes us feel safe and stress-free. Money can also mean a change of a lifestyle.

7. Fire

Fire is a powerful symbol that represents desire and risky activities. Maybe you are in an unsure place of your life at that time? It can also mean that you are angry or repressed and need to change something about your life.

No one can argue, that dreams are fascinating things. We still do not understand them completely, but the more we research them, the more we have an idea, what these are all about. Your dreams can say a lot about you and make you understand yourself better if you just know their meaning.

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