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Tibetan Monks Can Raise Body Temperatures With Their Minds, Harvard Study Explains How

by Peace Quarters

There is a monastery in northern India wherein Tibetan Monks try to test their knowledge of Tum-mo. This is a process that allows the body to enter a deep level of meditation. Some of these monks are soaked in big sheets of cold water that are placed on their shoulders. If an average person would do this, it will be very complicated.

The wrappings alone can already cause people to shiver uncontrollably. If people are unable to regulate their body temperature, they can die because of the cold.

Buddhists believe that there is a real world wherein our affections stay unaffected. This is the place wherein we can think of the things that we want to achieve and be successful in doing it. The monks who can enter this world can generate heat. This explains why they were able to make the clothes dry again.

Relaxation Response

This is a type of physiological state that can make people less stressful especially when they are already undergoing a lot of stress. There will be a decrease in heart rate, breathing rate and blood pressure. Some people are experiencing some health conditions and illnesses who have managed to improve their conditions because of making this relaxation response. Other individuals who may undergo this intervention are those who are trying to recover from a stressful event or are battling serious illnesses that are life-threatening.

If you are wondering how this works, you will be required to repeat a sound, a word, a phrase or a short prayer.

While you are doing this, you will get rid of all the thoughts that are causing you to feel uncomfortable.

The Results

While it may be hard for people who are doing the exercise for the first time to achieve the same results that the Tibetan Monks have already achieved, people are still able to do things that people who do not know how to meditate cannot do. Those who are already considered to be very good in the techniques can change the temperature that they are feeling.

People’s metabolism and breathing rate may drop when people are meditating, but some people are saying that perhaps this decrease can be efficient when people decide to do space travel.

One experiment that was done was a video of the monks sleeping on a rocky ledge. Aside from the fact that it is very uncomfortable there, it is also uncharacteristically cold. The monks were only wearing thin cotton shawls. They were able to sleep peacefully. They did not try to sleep so near each other, and they did not shiver. In the morning, they woke up and went back to their monastery. This is not something that can be achieved by the typical person for sure.

Some Obstacles

It is a known fact that not everyone believes in meditation. Some people believe that this does not exist. This explains why some people who can meditate sometimes keep it as a secret. While a lot of researchers would like to do further experiments, it can be hard for monks to continue participating because they are living their lives differently from everyone else.

Another problem with the ongoing research is money. There aren’t a lot of groups and organizations who are willing to shoulder the amounts needed to continue with the research. There are some significant results received so far, but there are still further experimentation and attempts required to finalize the study.

Self-care is always needed aside from meditation so that people can keep a sound mind and body. With the right nutrition and natural treatments, it will be easier for people to enter meditative states and possibly cure themselves of their illnesses and pains.

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