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The Cooking Oil That Is Linked To Cancer, Heart Disease & Dementia

by Live The Organic Dream

By now, it can be hard to keep track of which oil is supposed to be best for what.

(Around here, we keep things simple: Either coconut oil or extra virgin cold pressed olive oil.)

Did you know that one of those cooking oils has been linked to a particularly nasty trifecta: Cancer, dementia, and heart disease?

It’s true: Researchers have found that vegetable oil can be linked to each of the three, courtesy aldehydes released when cooked with.

This, of course, comes even as more cooks say vegetable oil is best for high heat.

Unfortunately, the reason they say that isn’t because it’s best for your health – but rather because it’s the safest oil to handle at high heats.

Sadly, vegetable oil, though safer for handling, is still dangerous to cook with when you consider some of the long-term health consequences.

Consider this, via The Telegraph, as a way of comparing aldehyde levels across different oils:

In fact, some researchers say the aldehydes in vegetable oil may be up to 200 times more concentrated than the World Health Organization says is safe. Yikes!

Authority Nutrition has also put together quite an interesting list filled with even more reasons to avoid vegetable oil – it’s nasty stuff!

Many thanks to David Avocado Wolfe for the great heads-up!

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