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Choose The Pen (Feather) You Like And it Will Reveal Your Personality!

by Healthy & Tasty Recipes

Choose the pen (feather) you like and it will reveal your personality!

If all of us were created equal, what would the world look like? Wouldn’t it be boring? As we grow, we develop our own personality – usually, this is affected by the environment we live in, the standard of our parents and other factors. Psychology has studied this phenomenon for a long time and has managed to split personalities in different categories. Recently, psychologists invented a test based on the theory of shape and color which can help you learn more about yourself.

There are 5 feathers in the image below – you need to choose one and see what it says about your personality.

Here’s what each of the feathers reveals about your personality:

Feather #1

You’re a peaceful and harmonious person that prefers staying quiet. You want to help others and consider it very hard to refuse help to a person in need. You easily interact with others, although you prefer people with the same tastes and interests. Some people consider you weak, but you are truly gentle and friendly, which means that you’re a likable and popular person.

Feather #2

You’re an adaptable person that learns with ease. You are also a perfectionist that always tries to give its best and you are very demanding of yourself and others. You have a lot of skills and are very tenacious, and you enjoy having a good time with your friends. However, you like being alone as well. This isolation helps you meditate and improves your focus, but may also harm your friends and isn’t such as good thing as you think it is.

Feather #3

You are an independent and adventurous person who is not afraid of going after goals or failing. You see failing as a learning experience, and you have a talent for a leader. However, you should be more careful when picking your friends – some of them might do you harm.

Feather #4

You are a person with a strong character and great imagination. Some people consider you “bossy” due to your strong character and because you’re very hard to fool. Your logical reasoning is advanced and mature, and you’re the type of person that seeks perfection in everything. However, chasing perfection means making mistakes, so maybe you should let it go.

Feather #5

You are an artistic person with great imagination, skill and creativity. However, you often doubt your skills which makes you stuck in a rut. The fear of failure is really holding you back and prevents your growth. Additionally, you have a great sense for detail and you’re a perfectionist who is always looking for the best for yourself and others. If you want to grow and evolve, you must overcome your fears and be smart.

So, what do you think? Is the test right? What did you pick?

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