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Toxic Teeth: How Root Canal Procedures Dramatically Increase Your Risk of Chronic Disease

by Live the Organic Dream

Each day 41,000 root canal procedures are carried out in the U.S, but many people don’t realize the risks associated with them.

Aside from the usual complications that can arise from dental surgery, if you go in for a root canal, you are exposing yourself to a much greater risk.

A root canal is performed on a ‘dead’ tooth, and filled with a substance designed to harden and fit where the missing part of the tooth once was.

However, the dead part of the tooth that is left behind can be a breeding ground of bacteria, and dentists actually have no way of ensuring the tooth is free of bacteria before sealing it up.

It is thought that root canals can be a major source of illness and disease that sometimes only manifests years later.

The American Dental Association has absolutely no data whatsoever to prove that root canals are procedure that are 100% safe from trapping bacteria, it is impossible to prove.

Renowned dentist Dr. Weston Price found that it is “mechanically impossible to sterilize a root-canaled tooth”.

This book by Chicago dentist Dr. Meinig also covers the subject of root canals in relation to chronic illnesses.

When teeth are operated on in a root canal procedure, after the offending piece of tooth is drilled out, left behind are ‘accessory canals’ which if they were extracted would extend for three miles, these are the areas of the tooth in which infection and bacteria can harbor itself.

Dr. Price thought that root canals could be attributed to the following diseases:
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Arthritis, joint, and rheumatic diseases
  • Neurological diseases (including ALS and MS)
  • Autoimmune diseases (Lupus and more)
And more worrying still a link between cancer and root canals has been explored. A study on the correlation between root canals and breast cancer found that 97% of the 300 breast cancer patients were found to have undergone a root canal treatment.


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