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Is it Dangerous to Drink Too Much Water?

by Natural Healing Magazine

Everyone knows that excesses are never good. We should eat and drink our food and beverages in moderation in order to stay healthy. Even science has confirmed the same – according to studies, drinking more water than we need is very dangerous for our health.

The recommended amount of water daily is 6-8 glasses. This will allow you to stay hydrated and keep you healthy. Dehydration is one of the biggest problems in our time and can cause a lot of damage if not addressed appropriately. The symptoms of dehydration are reduced urine flow, dry mouth, dark and yellow urine, muscle cramps and headaches.

¾ of our body consists of water, so it’s very important to drink the recommended amount of the liquid. However, some people believe that more is better, drinking more than the recommended 6-8 glasses and not realizing that it’s damaging their body. Too much water in the body can impair its ability to clean waste and also affects the circulatory system and brain. When there’s too much water in the body, the kidneys are unable to work properly while the blood becomes thinner.

When the kidneys are unable to filter out the excess water, they fluid accumulates in them and they swell, which can lead to serious problems such as seizures and can also be fatal. In order to avoid potentially fatal problems, stick to the recommended amount of water per day.

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