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An Educated Empath Is A Narcissist’s Worst Nightmare; Why A Narcissist Can Never Get Away

by Peace Quarters

When it comes to narcissists, sociopaths, and empaths, you may be surprised to learn that in terms of intellect it is the empath that comes out on top.

Empaths have a complex relationship with these two types of personalities, who prey on and exploit their kind and caring natures. But, don’t pity the empath too much because if they chose to give a narcissist or sociopath a taste of their own medicine, they would be a million times more dangerous.

While narcissists and sociopaths are viewed as having above average intelligence, empaths possess characteristics that mean they will always command intellectual superiority over them. As well as a razor sharp mind, they have a firm grip on reality, can explore abstract ideas and are genuinely creative. These are three important characteristics narcissists and sociopaths and mean an empath has the potential to become a much more dangerous manipulator than either of those.

The difference is that empaths are also deeply moral people and are guided through life by their values and caring nature. While the narcissist and sociopath give little or no regard for the damage caused by their actions, empaths are aware of their impact on others and do anything against inflicting pain.

They would never dream of exploiting narcissists or sociopaths, in the way they do to them, though perhaps it should be a route they are more willing to take in combating this type of behavior.

Counter-manipulation by an empath, could be the best remedy for a narcissists or sociopath’s behavior. Working in a similar way to a vaccine, giving them a taste of their behavior can be enough for an abuser to stop attempting to manipulate them.

While targeting an abuser is never encouraged, empaths should not be scared of using their mental and creative attributes to counter any abuse. It can be viewed as a type of preventative measure, to ensure abuse doesn’t carry on long-term.

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