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Living Life in Light, Love and Awareness

by Judi Lynch; OM Times

We all can send love!

Healing Tools that Work

We are being challenged! Our assignment is to transmute, transform, and live life on lighter terms. The world contains every kind of person, energy thought, and action you could possibly imagine. To rise above and keep ahead, we can send love and light out as much light as possible. We also need to remember who we are and the magic we are capable of.

We create an energy field of love around us that others can feel when they come near. Just as a negative soul can empty a room with their presence, a light-minded person can fill a stadium. Every day in our lives we can send love out to everything we do, to every thought we think.

Light consciousness is the healing tool that sustains our spiritual connections. Those connections are the life source which fills us with knowledge, acceptance, courage and energy. When we understand its availability and how to tap in, we fill our hearts with unconditional love.

We Can Send Love and Light

1. Visualization is key to realization, focus, and manifestation. If you can visualize the image of protection in spiritual light from head to toe and every chakra (energy) center in your body, you can direct healing energy anywhere.

2. You can send love and request healing out to any person, situation or location you choose through prayer, meditation, and energy healing. This assistance comes from higher spiritual frequencies and not your personal vibration.

3. Affirmations are a great way to lift your spiritual energy daily. The I AM presence brings in positive reinforcement. I AM light, I AM loved, I have courage, I AM strong, I AM forgiven.

Healing Protection and Clearing

4. Protect yourself from negative energies daily by surrounding yourself with light and positive thoughts. Gossip, disrespect, emotional abuse are things that bring in anxiety, fear and depression. Seek to heal these situations which threaten or block you from living life with purpose, hope and knowing joy.

5. Clear your etheric body with meditations in your own sacred personal space. This helps you to establish the daily practice of letting go of all you no longer need or never needed, filling up those places with light and purpose.

6. Practice gratefulness for every situation good or bad that has assisted you in your journey. Bless everyone and everything that has brought substance to your life in any way. Be thankful every day for life and all that you’ve learned.

7. Understand that your source of love comes from within and not from any other soul on Earth. When you align with your true connections to consciousness, you know that others are not responsible for you, your reactions or perceptions. Free yourself from what others think and send out love to every situation.

The Real Value of Self-Control

When we take responsibility for the vibrations we bring and live in, we have control. When we put these higher vibrations together in person, thought and communications, we raise the frequency of any space. A room, a theater, a concert hall, a country even the Earth is affected every time joy is created by love.

Every time a hurt person is sent love by another, a light goes on in the heart. Every time a misunderstood person is given a chance, a new thought comes into a creative mind, creating a ripple effect of love that brings in new awareness and healing. This is how we were meant to live. Without struggle for energy, power or control, we create an energy of peace.

Transforming with Love and Light

We truly have magic in our hearts and in our ability to transform ourselves into more evolved and loving people no matter how we have judged ourselves or those around us. This light has been with us since we were born.

Visualizing this planet whole and healed in Universal loving energies is a beautiful sight. Imagine that universe inside every open heart on the planet coming together in this true realization of the spiritual consciousness. Clearing out the clouds and shining in oneness. Surely that would be a grand purpose to manifest for humanity’s future.

About the Author:

Judi Lynch is a psychic medium, intuitive counselor, healing channel and author. She is president of the Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc. a 501(c) spiritual charity and writer for OM Times Magazine. She has authored two books, Friends with Lights and Conscious Ascension, and has read for clients all over the world. To learn more or contact for a session see or email

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