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Sungazing And The Urban Legend Of Galileo’s Blindness

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.;

As children, we’ve been taught not to look directly into the sun because it will cause blindness, but this theory has been debunked by many sungazers. When sungazing, it’s important to do this in small 10 second increments during the first or last hour of sunlight, when the sun rays aren’t as strong.

Those who sungaze consider sungazing to be a form of meditation that has many benefits which can be viewed on our link, ‘”. It is important to fully research sun gazing before considering this as a daily routine.

The urban legend that we’ve been taught is that Galileo went blind due to viewing the sun through his telescope, but this is not the true story, it’s just a myth to prevent people from sungazing.

Galileo, the father of modern astronomy, was the first person to notate sunspots and described them as ‘dark patches”. He noticed that these sunspots would rotate, proving that the sun rotates on its axis and subsequently leading Galileo to come up with his Copernican model, in which the Earth and all of the planets in our solar system, rotate around the sun.

Scholarly textbooks will infer that Galileo’s blindness was attributed to his sun research, but this is not the truth. According to an excerpt from a book entitled, ‘Galileo’s Daughter: A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love’, Galileo succumbed to blindness at the age of 72, nearly 25 years after his sun research. His late age blindness was attributed to a combination of glaucoma and cataracts and not from ‘sungazing’.

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