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This Giant Lavender Labyrinth In Michigan Will Captivate ALL Of Your Senses

by Organic and Healthy

Sweet Smelling Flowers populate a vast area of land on a farm just off Lake Michigan - a visit will surely captivate you - and it's free.

This place will satisfy any of your flower-based needs, it's so wonderfully exquisite and quite simply beautiful.

Where is it then? Try Shelby, Michigan - and to be more precise: Cherry Point Farm. Not only is it a grand home to all sorts of fantastical goods such as fudge, cherries and jams but also this - large enough to be seen on Google Earth - Labyrinth. A Lavender Labyrinth. The owner of the place started it all up in 2001 and it's really beginning to take shape with it already being an incredibly attractive tourist location.

The Owner, Barbara Bull says that "walking into the Labyrinth is only half the Journey, you need to walk out again." Bull also gained the valuable help of craftsman and artist Conrad Heiderer - together they set out to design a herb garden centre surrounded by the fields of lavender. A thing of beauty.

As it stands, you're probably a little late for a prime visit to the Labyrinth as the French Lavender they grow peaks during spring and really blooms during the summer months - but they also have several other flora such as apple and peach trees that are harvested in the autumn. Not only that, they also have a vast range of interesting plants such as wild hollyhocks which are endemic to the area. Add it to your bucket list.

No reservations. No fee. Just come along and take a stroll at your own doing. Be among the Lavender Labyrinth.

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