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Stop Consuming Lemon Water in the Morning! Millions of People Make This Mistake!

by Health and Love Page

You must have heard about the powerful properties of lemons, and lemon water. In case you avoid this fruit because of its specific sour taste, you deprive your body from its various health benefits.

Some of them are: improved digestion, liver detox, healthier skin, improved immunity, good weight, constipation and indigestion relief, improved respiratory and breathing conditions, balanced blood pressure, fever and cold relief, soothed toothaches, etc.

Lemons have proved to be one of the best sources of vitamin C. Studies have shown that you can get the recommended daily amount of this vitamin by consuming lemons on a daily basis. Not only that they are excellent source of vitamin C, but they also include magnesium, potassium, copper, and electrolytes in their content.

The question is when and how do you consume them, and do you consume them often?

Are you one of the many who drink lemon water in the morning, and throw away the peels? If yes, you’re doing it wrong. According to experts, drinking only the lemon juice won’t provide you with all of the healing benefits of lemon. Instead, you should prepare the recipe we present you in this post, in order to reap each and every health benefit from this fruit.


Squeeze the juice from 2 lemons in a cup of water. Zest them, and add generous amount of the grated peel into the cup. That’s it! This is the right way to prepare your morning lemon water.

This drink will balance your stomach acidity, and improve your digestion. It will also help the absorption of food, and you’ll become less resistant to insulin by increasing the insulin sensitivity of your cell membranes.

Since it contains high amounts of vitamin C, it will also boost your immune system and metabolism.

So, the next morning you think of making your usual lemon water, don’t forget the peels!

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