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The US Government to reveal Extraterrestrials exist before Obama leaves office?

by Ancient Code

According to new reports, TOP US government officials are heavily guarding a secret against the rest of the world: ALIENS. Everything can change as new claims indicate the government could make the news public just before Obama leaves office.

According to Steve Bassett, a registered lobbyist on the UFO issue in the US runs the Paradign Research Group (PRG), the group has been contacted by a government whistleblower who said that disclosure is about to happen.

In a statement posted by PRG:

“Two days after the election defeat of Secretary Hillary Clinton Paradigm Research Group received a message from a source within the military/intelligence community known to PRG.”

The message paraphrased:

“Persons who are directly involved in the management of the extraterrestrial issues want disclosure to take place under President Obama and are ready to work with the SecDef (Secretary of Defense) if approached.”

PRG had hoped for Mrs. Clinton to reveal the alleged truth about alien visitations and the UFO phenomenon if she had been elected for president after last year’s campaign where Clinton ‘promised’ that if elected, she would get to the bottom of the Alien issue.

The statement continued: “What is going on here? PRG has publicly stated the agenda of the Clinton team has been to disclose the extraterrestrial presence to the American people (and the world) if and when she became president of the United States. That option is removed.

“The Clintons now have a choice to make of historic proportions. Should they immediately take interviews with top journalists… the resulting media storm will force the Pentagon and the White House to reach the necessary understanding allowing Barack Obama to be the disclosure president.

“In order for the Secretary of Defense to approach the White House regarding disclosure, he must reach down into the military/intelligence complex for the needed information to proceed.

“Although the managers of the ET issues are constrained by the highest level of classification, PRG is now convinced they are ready to provide that information because there is a growing internal consensus disclosure must take place under President Obama.”

However, Mr. Bassett is convinced that Alien disclosure could happen by January of 2017.

“This process is time sensitive. Disclosure would need to happen early enough for the nation to absorb such extraordinary information and settle down prior to the inauguration,” added Mr. Bassett.

“There would also be time to prepare various government agencies for the engagement of the media and the public going forward.

“Then the new president would be stepping into a relatively stable and organized post-disclosure status.

“With this in mind, PRG would assert disclosure after January 6, 2017, would not be a responsible option.

“This means the Clintons have a choice to make and a few weeks to reach a decision.”

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