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Waiting for the Green Flash

by Gia Dalton
OM Times

Do You Know about the Green Flash?

Most of us have heard of the elusive green flash. The optical phenomena that prompt people from around the world to stand seaside facing the sun. With eyes transfixed on the horizon, we wait to catch a glimpse of the green rays that suddenly shoot outward from the upper rim of the sun. Legends say that once a person has witnessed it, they will never go wrong with matters of the heart again. No wonder so many long to see one.

What if waiting to see a green flash in hopes of being magically exempt from heartache is nonsense? Nothing more than a legend, and waiting for anything actually prohibits us from living today?

Can waiting for “true love” turn into a quest akin to waiting for a green flash? It can get lonely stuck in a perpetual state of waiting, whether its waiting for a green flash, or true love. Yet, adamantly, many of us refuse to settle for anything or anyone less than our elusive and mysterious special occurrence!

Returning day after day at sunset, feet firmly planted in the sand, eyes fixed on the sun, we patiently wait for our infamous love…the green flash. Finally, on a seemingly ordinary day, it arrives, and the vision is extraordinary. A wave of reassurance rushes through our body, filling the space where doubt once lived. Our spirits renewed. Matters of the heart from this day forward will be perfect.

Special Moments Are Worth Waiting For

Perhaps we all need a green flash to remind us that true love, or anything worth having, is worth waiting for. For a few precious seconds, we behold a wondrous flash of green light. In that moment, our hearts burst wide open, scattering millions of shimmering, shooting stars across the night sky. The ocean glistens. We have a testimony; the promise of true love. We’ve seen the elusive green flash. It does exist. Catching our breath, the sun disappears under the ocean. The experience is over, and our hearts are open.

With childlike enthusiasm we shout with delight, “Love, true love, is alive. It is magnificent. I saw the green flash, so I know it is true.” You may not have experienced it yet; tomorrow could be the day, so keep believing.

The Intention: Enjoy Each Moment

The message is simple: Show up for the sunset. Milk every glorious minute waiting for it, regardless of the outcome. Absorb the experience, and let it become a part of you.

Life is the same way. We’ve got to show up with the intention to enjoy each moment. Perhaps there is something more to the legend of the elusive green flash. More than rays of light, and a promise of favor in matters of the heart. Maybe each sunset represents true love. Pure and simple. The kind of love that diligently, night after night, is committed to gently tucking the sun under the ocean, bidding her goodnight, while instilling a promise for tomorrow. And the green flash? Well, that is God reminding us that love is alive. It is here and it is now in this moment.

The green flash believers, the dreamers, the lovers of life, return paying homage, as the sunsets, like the waves that gently ebb and flow, without being told each day. With feet firmly planted in the warm summer sand, toes wiggling with anticipation. and starry eyes fixed on the warm sun, we wait, with hopes to see our glorious green flash again. That radiant flash of gorgeous, iridescent green light shooting up from the horizon. Setting our hearts on fire. The green flash represents the dream each of us holds in our hearts.

About the Author:

Gia Dalton is an international visionary writer, speaker, coach, teacher and intuitive life strategist. Currently, she is writing a book. A modern, Bohemian guru, she states, “My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love, giving the Glory to God.” http://giadalton.com/; https://www.facebook.com/GiaDalton

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