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This Miracle Honey Kills More Bacteria Than All Antibiotics

by Family Health Freedom Network

Beside being able to kill bacteria, it can also prevent them from building up an immunity, which is a major problem with most antibiotics today.

The European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in June of 2009, published a study which discovered a honey better than all antibiotics out there.

Manuka honey is this amazing honey that can kill all bacteria in no time. Bees forage on the nectar of the New Zealand “Manuka bush” or “jelly bush” (Leptospermum Scoparium). These trees are native to Australia and New Zealand alone.

The honey has become so popular, in fact, that shortages of Manuka honey have been reported. Due to the high demand of this type of honey, fake products have been sold which caused the producers from New Zealand to get a trade mark protection (UMF).

Manuka Kills MRSA And Other Antibiotic Resistant Bugs

The best part about Manuka honey is that not only it has the ability to kill bacteria instantly, but no bacteria has encountered is able to adapt to it. None of the superbugs killed by the honey were able to build up immunity which is the major issue with today’s antibiotics.

Dr. Dee Carter of the University of Sydney’s School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences claims that there are compounds like methylglyoxal in the honey that cause a multi-system failure in bacteria.

This study was developed by an Australian researcher who concluded that the honey “killed every bacteria or pathogen they tested it on. [It can be] applied topically to fight against infections of the skin, like cuts and insect bites, or taken internally”.

What Can Manuka Honey Treat?

According to WebMD, manuka honey can treat numerous health conditions such as: diabetes, sinus contaminations, gastrointestinal issues, can diminish systemic irritation and reduce high levels of cholesterol. Moreover, it is also very beneficial for treating skin wounds and leg ulcers. According to the latest study, manuka honey can be used to counteract gingivitis by diminishing plaque develop, and has been approved by the National Cancer Institute to reduce inflammation of the esophagus caused by chemotherapy.

Where Can You Buy Yourself This Super Honey?

Due to the high demand and many scammers that have taken advantage of the situation, suplpy is in short order. Don’t buy Manuka honey that doesn’t have the ‘UMF’ – or Unique Manuka Factor – trademark since only genuine Manuka honey has the phytochemical property derived from the Manuka bush, giving it its bacterial fighting properties. You can find this type of honey in health stores or online at Amazon, or through NZ or Australian markets.

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