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Unearthed tomb shed more light on the snake-headed dynasty

A recently unearthed tomb in the ancient city of Xunantunich has shed more light on the snake-headed dynasty, which is thought to have been a power around the 7th century.

The structures at Xunantunich in Belize were still being explored when researchers discovered the new tomb. Inside the tomb, archaeologists found the remains of a muscular male, who was likely the tomb’s honoree, as well as jaguar and deer bones, ceremonial stone blades, and a host of other artifacts.

However, the most amazing find in the tomb was the set of hieroglyphics that shed a little more light on the so-called “snake dynasty”. Mainstream archeologists believe they were so-called because the symbol of their house and power was a snake.

The new hieroglyphics are thought to have been taken from another site, and placed in the tomb as a way of obscuring the victories and history of the powerful house.

Some believe there is more to it. Could they have some kind of connection with the Reptilians?

Source: ancientufo

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