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This Is Why Black Garlic Is Better Than White

by Healthy Holistic Living

Have you heard of black garlic? Nope, it’s not from vampire stories. It is gaining popularity amongst professional cooks though because of its high antioxidant content and unique taste.

About Black Garlic

Black garlic is regular garlic that has undergone a specific process, changing up some of its inner content. This process turns garlic’s sugars and amino acids into melanoidin, turning it soft and dark. The process involves heating the garlic for 4-6 weeks at a specific temperature to create aged black garlic.

Due to its popularity and mystery, some people have tried to recreate the process in their own kitchens. However, there is an official process for it in the US known as “process for preparing aged garlic;” it involves some fancy machines and specific temperatures. Though legend says black garlic was used by masters of the past for its optimal health benefits, black garlic came into focus in recent times thanks to Korean inventor Scott Kim in 2004.


So black garlic…what’s the big deal? Garlic is indeed good for us, but black garlic has even more antioxidants than original garlic, alongside its other benefits. It also doesn’t have the stench and taste of original garlic, making it a popular addition to the kitchens of many professional cooks. According to another source, black garlic “improves arterial sclerosis, prevents heart disease and cancer, prevents Alzheimer’s disease and stops the build-up of cholesterol.”

What does it taste like? Like a little bit of everything. It has a sweet & savory taste, reminding some of even chocolate. Could you imagine….garlic tasting like chocolate?!

But it’s happened. So where do we find it? How do we make use of it?

Where to Find Black Garlic

A popular place to find it is online. Kim Scott’s company Black Garlic Inc. sells black garlic online here. Many other companies sell it online as well. The best place to find them in person is at whole food stores. Some Sobeys stores sell them as well. According to, “please check with your local retail stores.”

When we do bring it home, we need to keep the packs of black garlic in a cool and dark place. Once we open them, they go into the fridge. They last in good form for 3-4 weeks in the fridge.

How to Use Them For Our Meals

Black garlic makes a great ingredient for liquid recipes like purees, sauces, dressings and marinades. We can also cook it in pasta as well as pizza. Some people even include it in their desserts due to the sweet taste.

As I mentioned earlier, black garlic is popular amongst professional chefs. One option is to use it as a garnish by turning it into a powder. Chef Jeff Mahin tells us of one very easy way to make a sandwich spread using black garlic. Instead of using regular bread, you can substitute it with bread made of almond or coconut flour, or cucumbers!

According to Chef Jess Mahin at

“I love making black garlic aioli for a sandwich. If you’re really lazy, just combine mayo and black garlic in a food processor. If you want to do it yourself, take three egg yolks (or one to two whole eggs), two to three cloves of black garlic, a few black peppercorns, some salt, and a little lemon juice. Start blending, then drizzle in grapeseed oil (since olive oil tastes like olive oil, and you don’t really want that for mayo). Keep blending and drizzle slowly until it emulsifies nice and thick. If you want it spicy you can add chili, or add more black garlic to bring out that flavor.”

That sounds yummy. I can’t wait to try it out for a weekend barbecue! We can make high-end gourmet style food at home with this special ingredient, black garlic!

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