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Feeling Low? These Words Are For You

Written by: Kat Gal

The world can seem like such a cruel place sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be. I promise you, deep inside, everyone is good, just like you. And you can help spread the love just by being you.

You don’t even have to watch the news or pay attention to politics to get discouraged at times. Even in the holistic health movement there can be so much judgment and fighting.

Reading blog posts, watching youtube videos, or just conversing with people in life, you have probably noticed this. You may be judged for (still) eating (or for NOT eating) meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, grains, sugar, cooked foods, raw foods, processed foods, low-fat, high-fat, organic, local and so on. There are new discoveries in research and dietary theories coming out daily and old ideas are being questioned.

It is difficult to navigate among these theories. It is even more difficult to figure out what works for YOUR body and YOUR specific health needs. While you should eat mostly real, whole, organic foods, the rest depends on your individual situation. It can take a while to figure these needs out. It can and will take work to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

We are all in this together. We all just want to be happy, healthy and loved. We are all on the same journey, just in different areas, walking at our own pace on our own paths. But the goal of health, happiness and love is the same.

If you feel judged for your lifestyle choices, don’t take it to heart. Just do the best you can at your own place. Don’t judge others for being behind, ahead, or somewhere else. Don’t judge yourself either if you slip or if you are not where you want to be yet. You are where you need to be now. Everyone is where they need to be now. You will get there. We will get there. You can do it. We can do it, together.

Let’s accept each other. Let’s encourage each other. Let’s inspire each other. Let’s love one another. Let’s heal ourselves and our planet together.

Say “yes” below, if you are in.

About the author
Kat Gál is a multi-passionate Holistic Health & Happiness Coach, Freelance Writer, Educator and World Traveler. She has coached women from all around the world, worked with abused children in Kenya, taught English in Mexico, volunteered on an olive farm in Turkey, hitchhiked in Costa Rica and climbed volcanoes in Guatemala to name a few of her happy adventures. You deserve to live a happy and healthy life and Kat is here to show you how to do that. Kat invites you to join the “Happiness Tribe: 2016, the Year of Happiness” on Facebook to create your best year yet within a supportive sisterhood. For more health and happiness tips, visit her website and check out her best-selling program, Your 21-Day Mind-Body-Soul Shake-Up. To contact her for writing assignments, check out her freelance writing website.

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