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Characteristics of RH Negative Blood Types

There are several physical characteristics that are witnessed in RH negative blood types. One of those is eyes. RH negatives tend to have green and hazel colored eyes that are often referred to as piercing or catty.The following is a list of physical characteristics that RH negatives share that can be proven.
  • High or larger forehead
  • extra vertebra or rib
  • low blood pressure and pulse rate
  • higher than average IQ
  • Heightened senses
  • Light colored hair, red or reddish tint
  • Green, blue or hazel eyes

There may be other common traits less obvious, and being an RH neg does not mean you carry all of these traits, or any for that matter. This is just a commonality that has been observed between many of us negs.

One thing that I would like to touch on a little bit first is a trait that I left out of this list, because I simply do not think it has been or can be proven. The trait I speak of is a psychic ability or heightened intuition as I would rather call it. As I do believe that psychic abilities do exist, I do not believe it only applies to us negs. I can testify to the fact that every neg I have met personally believes they have some special ability to see deeper into people and things.

I believe I have a heightened intuition about hidden evil in people. Who doesn't right? I mean we can all tell the difference between good and evil can't we? I agree to a point, but at times I feel as if I see things initially that many don't, so I cannot say anything until they see the same thing later on through experience. For instance, my friends son brought his pregnant wife to meet my family for the first time just before she gave birth. Everyone absolutely loved this girl, and I thought she was adorable and sweet, but there was something else I could see in her eyes and feel when she looked at me. It was the kind of feeling that goes deep and you cant just brush off. I did ignore it until they went home, then I decided to ask my husband what he thought of my feeling. He said as usual that he didn't see it, but being with me so long, he knew that when I couldn't shake it, there usually came proof before it was over. Only weeks later, we began finding out some disturbing things that this girl was doing that completely explained the hidden thing about her. It sounds familiar right? We all have intuitions about others.

What I will say is that when I have that specific feeling, I have never in my adult life been wrong with it. I have learned how to keep it to myself though and the only person I share my experience with is my husband. I could have met this girl online and discussed the same things we spoke about in person, but if I am not physically with a person, I cannot see that deep.

Have you ever heard about Edgar Cayce? Our most modern day profit if you will? You should read up a little bit on him, and I think if you have any interest in meditation, hypnotism, and psychic abilities, you will be amazed at his proven abilities. Anyways, Edgar Cayce claims all people can achieve the same mind state. I guess maybe writing this has inspired an article about him in detail.

Going back to traits of the negs; a lot of this information has a powerful effect on negatives that are seeking answers to things, and find their way to wild theories regarding the mysteries of RH negative blood! Many negs also claim that they are drawn to seek others of our kind out. I cannot personally say that I was drawn to it consciously, but regardless of the method, I found them looking for answers I was asking as well. Negs often report feeling alone, like they don't belong anywhere. Coincidence that it is so common among us, or is it just the way we were raised or the life we experienced? I am basically in exactly that category where it comes to feeling out of place. I had a tough childhood, so for me, its easy to blame life and brush it off as simply a learned personality trait. Many negs that experience issues in belonging also say that they aren't sure why, but they seem to rub people the wrong way. That is commonly reported in negative types. People just are not attracted to their personality types and none of them really knows why. I can associate with that feeling, but again, I have lived a tough life and much of my personality traits can be associated with that, but it does make me think about how many positive typed people have been through the same things as I have, yet they seem to attract people more than repel them as I do!

The bottom line is that even in our personalities, RH negative blood types have an awful lot of similar reporting. Why are we drawn to seek each other out, and why does our interests to mystery and unknowns match up to the same topics so much that even though we are only 15% of the world, we believe in things that the majority speculates? Why do we look to the stars, hoping for life out there? What are we waiting for?

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