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Who Gets to Define Spiritual?

by Colby Psychic Rebel
OM Times

There seem to be so much discussion about what defines someone as being spiritual. There are those who claim to “work only in the light”. On the other hand, there are others who use profanity and seem to be unaware that they offend others in their words and actions.

Is one more spiritual than the other?

What we perceive to be spiritual may not meet the same definition to another. When we all create these rules and boxes around what defines spirituality, are we truly being spiritual? Why is there such a need to define what being spiritual means?

Is being spiritual using certain words or having certain habits? Is one who meditates more enlightened than one who prefers gardening? When we can accept that being spiritual is not about the motions or beliefs we have, rather it’s about understanding that we are all connected as one and that we are united in this human experience. Our souls are connected as one to remind us that there is no disconnect between our higher beings and ourselves. We are all one. Each of us has a path, a purpose and a presence. When we can release the need to define spirituality, then perhaps we can all naturally live a more “spiritual” life.

Having compassion, empathy and openness does not make us spiritual. It makes us human. When we utilize these emotions in our everyday experience, then we naturally become more acceptable to the differences in one other.

Knowing that each of us is an energy source and within that energy we are equal beings, allows us to extend kindness to all energy. There is no need to distinguish or rank whether something or someone is more important than something else. We can embrace one another with love and an appreciation for the differences that make us unique, than perhaps we become spiritual.

Why can being spiritual sometimes feel like a game?

When we create these rules around how we expect someone to respond to us in order for it to be satisfactory, we are only creating a perfect storm of disappointment. It’s a game in which there is no winner. The real winning comes from acceptance. This is not about sending love and light to someone who doesn’t agree with our point of view, but truly accepting them for having their point of view. When we approach others with a sense of entitlement or superiority, then we have already forgotten our spiritual place. We have forgotten that we are one.

With our vast differences and experiences, our interpretation of life and how we respond is what makes us special. Not to be changed or challenged but embraced. We all seek love and acceptance, yet can so quickly dismiss someone who has disappointed us. This disappointment comes from a predetermined expectation of how we feel the person should respond.

When we feel disappointed then we may exclude that person from our life or build resentment towards them. This will only alienate us and not connect us. We may let those people go, but will simply repeat these pattern with new people because we are not becoming more acceptable of other people and their uniqueness.

In the end, being spiritual may just be nothing more then being accepting. Allowing ourselves to give every form of energy respect, honor and gratitude for sharing this experience with us. Knowing that each of us matters and has a place of importance.

About the Author:

Colby is a master spiritual teacher of the LWISSD and a certified and tested member of Best American Psychics by Shay Parker. Colby serves as a professional psychic, medium, teacher author and public speaker. She currently hosts REBELations on iOM radio on Shay Parker’s BEST of the BEST every 2nd Tuesday of the month. Learn more at www.psychicrebel.com

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