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The Haunting Reality of Spirit Attachments

by Faye Weber
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While most people are aware of what we call “ghosts” who “haunt” a physical location, not many know that haunting spirits can also attach to a living person, which is known as spirit attachments.

Spirit attachments can be found in the aura, chakras (often the solar plexus), or in some part of the physical body. The topic of spirit attachment can be found throughout many cultures and religions going back to ancient times. spirit releasement is a more modern, compassionate method of what is called “exorcism.” However, there is a difference between “possession” and “spirit attachment.”

Attachment is when the spirit or entity is attached to some part of your energy field. This is not possession like you see in Hollywood films. Actual possession is considered to be rare and more severe, where the spirit has actually taken over the body and the person entirely.

The most common types of spirit attachments are earthbound spirits. Most haunting, earthbound spirits are usually innocent and were looking for comfort at their time of death, and did not yet make it to the light.

The second most common are dark force entity attachments, which are often referred to as lower vibrational spirits. This type of spirit will attach to a living person with the intention of creating misery, hopelessness, and fear, stealing the person’s light and draining their life force energy. The main goal of these spirits is to disempower humanity. These spirits are not normally the type you see in scary movies and are often able to transform into light during spirit releasement.

In case history, elementals and E.T.’s have also been found to be attached to a living person. For example, an elemental may attach to a living person who has taken a piece of nature without asking permission. E.T.’s have been known to attach to a person in order to spy on the human experience.

Some Haunting Symptoms of Spirit Attachments include:

– A sudden onset of hearing voices

– Feeling like someone is watching you

– Feeling extremely drained or fatigued

– Extreme and unusual level of anxiety and/or paranoia

– Feeling like you are “not yourself”

– Thoughts that don’t make sense or that you know are not yours

– Depression, anger, sadness that you don’t normally feel

– Sudden physical illness, nausea

– Sudden weight gain or weight loss

– Change in eating habits

– Relationship problems

– Difficulty concentrating or focusing, especially on spiritual practices

– Sudden cravings for certain things unusual for the individual

– Suicidal or homicidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting yourself or others

A spirit attachment can occur when there is a hole or tear in the person’s aura due to an emotionally or physically traumatic experience. Organ transplants have also been known to transfer the spirit of the donor to the recipient, resulting in attachment.

It is also very common for those who are extremely psychic who have not yet mastered their gift or learned proper protection methods, to experience a haunting, spirit attachment. Being so open to the unseen world without protection is an easy way in for any type of spirit to enter the energy field and wreak havoc on the victim.

The topic of spirit attachments has been brought to public awareness in popular books; such as, “Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual,” by William J. Baldwin, and “The Unquiet Dead,” by Edith Fiore.

In most methods of spirit releasement, the client is walked through hypnosis or a guided meditation session to initiate a relaxed state. The therapist then determines the type of spirit, why it has attached, and negotiates with the spirit to get it go where it belongs. Once the spirit has agreed to leave and goes to its proper place, a sealing light meditation or energy healing work can be used on the client to heal any tears in the energy field and ensure that a new spirit does not take its place.

While spirit attachment can happen to anyone, it is a good idea to practice protection exercises on a daily basis, especially if you have a high level of psychic ability or are active in other spiritual practices such as energy healing or meditation.

The following are some protection methods you can use:

Create a psychic shield, or protection bubble, that surrounds your aura and encircles your body and energy centers. You can just visualize this as a bubble of protective light (using a color you feel most protected by) which refuses entry to any negative energy or unwanted spirits.

Ask Archangel Michael to protect you from any lower, negative energies.

Walk with salt in your shoes: this can help keep unwanted spirits from entering your energy field. It is known that most spirits do not like to cross over salt.

Carry or wear protective crystals and stones, such as black tourmaline.

Say NO. If you suspect you are being approached by an unwanted spirit, saying no and declaring your boundaries can help deter them from attaching.

If you suspect that you may have a spirit attachment, the best solution would be to contact a spirit releasement therapist to get your life back and reclaim your personal energy.

About the Author

Faye Weber is a Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher in New Jersey. She is a former victim of spirit attachment and now helps others who suffer from this experience, using Spirit Releasement Therapy in her practice. Through her work, she guides other lightworkers on their path to spiritual awakening and divine purpose. To learn more, visit

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