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Nature’s Most Powerful Antioxidant – Fights Cancer and Improves Emotional Health

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Reduces bad cholesterol and protects from both, heart attack and aneurysms. Vitamin C reduces possible allergic reactions and improves the function of the immune system.

In your body the vitamin C plays a crucial role – it is indispensable for the synthesis of collagen and takes part in the functions of your immune system, by facilitating an encouraging the activity of white blood cells.

It improves the absorption of iron, and the ability of the organism to create red blood cells. As a powerful antioxidant vitamin C can work at decreasing the oxidation rate of LDL (bad cholesterol) preventing arteriosclerosis, heart attack and aneurysm.

Vitamin C fixes the symptoms of flu and the common cold and increases the production of hormones that help the organism fight against migraines and stress. It makes allergic reactions more bearable because it notifies influence off histamine the prime suspect of all allergic reactions.

Vitamin C Helps in the Fight with Cancer

Many epidemiology researches have focused on the link between the vitamin C and the risk of developing cancer, including breast cancer, cancer of the esophagus, prostate cancer, and lung cancer. Many scientists confirmed that vitamin C being the powerful antioxidant has the ability to neutralize free radicals before they can damage to DNA molecule and cause cancer, but those conclusions are not final, and more research is pending.

However, a recent research focused on the benefits of vitamins C in the fight against esophagus cancer. Considerable amount of evidence points out that the presence of vitamin C in the esophagus or in the duodenum (the first section of the small intestine) prevents the synthesis of harmful antioxidants in the fluids of the esophagus which results with decreased chance of getting cancer of the esophagus.

Best Defense against Stress and Improves Eye Health

Researchers with countless studies confirm that the risk off eye diseases is significantly reduced if the level of antioxidants in the blood is increased.

Taking multivitamins and or supplements that contain vitamin E and C reduces the chances of getting a cataract by 60%.

Decreased immunity is the main cause of being chronically tired. The vitamin C gives back the body the strength it needs. It’s been proven that women are 2 to 4 times more likely to get tired compared to men.

You Can Lose it Easily

The vitamin C is unstable and oxidizes really easily when exposed to air and or increased temperature.

Because Vitamin C is easily diluted in water, by long-term boiling or heat treating it tends to decrease in quantity in the products we use.

Progress kept in the refrigerator can lose up to 55% of their vitamin C. The loss is greater if the product has been chopped in tiny pieces because of oxidation the increased surface causes the vitamin C to oxidize even faster.

Vitamin C Improves the Emotional Health of the Critically Ill

A research conducted in Montreal has shown that therapy with vitamin C has accelerated the recuperation of the critically ill.

In a clinical trial, patients were divided into two groups one of them was treated with vitamin C, the other one took supplements of vitamin D. The experiment lasted 10 days.

On account of this research, the scientists concluded that patients taking the vitamin C as therapy considerably improved their health condition compared to the other group that took vitamin D. Taking into account that the second group did not improve their condition and the first one did, scientists say it proves that it’s not a placebo.

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