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This is why honey prevents you get sick

Eating honey can prevent you from getting sick. That concludes the scientists behind the YouTube channel The Sci Show in a new video.

Bees protect their hive and food with antimicrobial proteins. Honey has been used since 8000 BC used to heal wounds. You can also use it to clean the skin, moisturize or disinfect. In hospitals they still use honey to prevent infections.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Because honey is a very saturated product, it yearns for water and will absorb all the moisture from bacteria. Honey consists of only two percent water, which is too little for bacteria to survive.

When bees make honey, they initiate the oxidation of glucose. In this process, glucose acid emerge and then hydrogen peroxide, killing many types of bacteria. Honey has a pH-value of less than four, while bacteria require a pH-value of seven in order to grow.

Strengthened Immune System

Bees also add a natural antibiotic to honey, namely bee defensin-1. That strengthens the immune system of bees and protects them against diseases.

In some honeys you can find methylglyoxal, from the nectar of a flower in New Zealand that has a high antibacterial activity.

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