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How To Stimulate Our Chakras Through The 5 Senses

by Elimor Bader
The Spirit Science

For a lot of us, the time has come that we are trusting western medicine less than ever before. We are discovering that the power to heal lays within ourselves.

Our body is the most advanced computer that has ever been developed. Everything within us is connected.

Our body is communicating with us non stop. But most of the people in the western civilization have sadly enough forgotten the language of their body. That is why a lot of signals are being neglected or simply not being noticed.

Within our physical frame we have many energy wheels, also known as chakras, which we use for all our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual processes. Our most known chakras are the crown-, throat-, heart- and sacral chakra.

Many tend to forget we also find these energy wheels in our joints like our shoulders, elbows, wrists, hip, knees and ankles. When we feel depressed or influenced by any negative emotion as anger, jealousy or even ignorance, our chakras block. This will be experienced in the form of physical ailments. Blocked chakras will also cause a fundamental feeling of unhappiness.

It will be harder to relax and figure out what can cause stress.

Our way of living is of big influence on our chakras. The food we consume, the way we behave or act, even the type of weather we live in. All of these are factors that make a difference. If we live an unhappy life, that will become physically noticeable over time.

Love and compassion are two key answers to free yourself from these ailments and turn events around to a healthy existence. But how can love and compassion make a difference? By being loving and compassionate we produce serotonin and endorphins, as well called the happiness hormones.

These two hormones are necessary to open our blocked chakra’s. Feeling happiness will increase your health on the physical level and will be a solid base for a stronger mental body.

Our five senses can help as well to unblock our chakra’s:
  • The Solar Plexus can be activated by the sense of touch, and to enjoy this feeling. How does the bark of tree feel. Or the feeling of grass and sand under your bare feet. What do you sense when you pet an animal or hold a baby?
  • The Heart chakra we activate through the sense of taste, the use of our taste buds. Think of the flavours you love, that really make you salivate. Maybe it is a chocolate bar or a very juicy piece of fruit?
  • The Throat chakra can be activated by the sense sight. To visualize beautiful colours and images. Go into nature and take your surrounding in. Enjoy a sunrise or the colour of the leaves on a tree.
  • The Crown chakra we activate through sound. Positive vibrations in the form of music or maybe nature sounds that calm you down. It does not matter as long as it moves you inside in good way.
  • The Sacral chakra is activated by the sense of smell. Fragrances you enjoy inhaling. Think of your favourite perfume, a rose or maybe it is the smell of the sea.
Raise your awareness to your senses and start using them in a way to keep your body healthy. Not only that, you will experience a lot more happiness overall.


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