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Experts say: Its too late to hide from Aliens

by Ivan
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According to experts, we need to think and be more careful about the messages we send to space while attempting to contact our cosmic neighbors.

Scientists believe that if there is an alien civilization out there somewhere, they most likely already know we exist. That’s according to claims made by a group of researchers who think we need to be more careful next time when we send out messages out into space hoping that one day, our galactic neighbors will respond.

In an interview, Douglas Vakoch, president of the San Francisco-based non-profit Meti (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence) International said that the current signals that are being sent into space are far too simplistic. In fact, the messages might be considered as primitive by any alien civilization that intercepts the messages sent by earthlings, and therefore may not be easy to interpret the way we intended it.

„It’s too late to conceal ourselves in the universe, so we should decide how we want to represent ourselves,’ Vakoch told Forbes. Extraterrestrials may be waiting for a clear indication from us that we’re ready to start talking.“

That’s why his team at METI International have kickstarted a new campaign that aims to develop messages for extraterrestrial civilizations that are both informative and provocative.

Their plans are big, in fact, they want to send out the first radio transmission by the end of 2018, emphasizing on messages that will reveal basic mathematical and scientific concepts, which any alien civilization in the cosmos should be able to interpret.

‘It would be ideal to use a powerful transmitter like those used for planetary radar studies, such as Arecibo Observatory,’ said Vakoch.

Actually in the past, a number of similar signals have already been sent out into space, with perhaps the most famous one being sent out by the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974.

The binary digits in the message reveal information about our star system, the human species, and Earth’s biochemistry. But according to Vakoch, we need to include an instruction manual so to speak, so that extraterrestrials can decode the messages we send out more easily.

„There are a lot of hidden assumptions embedded in the ways we portray three-dimensional objects on two-dimensional surfaces,’ said Vakoch. Even if aliens use pictures, they may use a different set of conventions to map solid objects onto flat surfaces.“

During his interview with Fobes, Vakoch said that the messages we send out need to be more detailed. Instead of sending only a few details on the biochemistry of our planet, we should include the entire Periodic Table of Elements.

However, not everyone is so optimistic about searching for aliens and hoping that one day, they contacted us or visited Earth.

In February, leading scientists at Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) commented that if aliens di visit Earth, they would take control thanks to their advanced technology, giving them an edge and ultimately leading them to make the rules on Earth.

Astronomer and co-founder of the Seti Institute Jill Tarter told TechCrunch: ‘If they showed up on our doorstep that means they have technologies that are considerably advanced with respect to ours. And because of that, they’re going to be the ones that set the rules.’

However, there are hopes that Aliens Species are peaceful and intend no harm. She explained that if such an advanced alien species had developed the technology to travel long distances across space, they must have learned to behave in a peaceful manner.

Interestingly, according to NASA’s chief scientist Ellen Stofan, its very likely that in the next 20 to 30 years, we could find evidence of alien life forms.

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