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After This, You Will Not Go To Bed Without A Lemon In Your Socks

by Healthy Diet Center

One of the worse things before the summer season are the cracked heels. Creams, rubbing stones and other tricks sometimes require too much effort, persistence and money, but still, they don’t provide us with the desired effects. The best thing you can do is to use lemons for this purpose.

Make sure the lemon is large enough to cover your heel. Cut the lemon at half and squeeze the juice. Prepare lemonade for your family and don’t throw away the lemon skin, because you will use them for this treatment.

Squeeze the juice and make sure the pulp is still inside.

Put the lemon halves on your heels. Make sure the peels are covering your heels completely. You will feel strange at the beginning, but you will get used to it.

Cover the roughest parts with the lemon peel and wear socks in order to keep them in place.

You can leave the lemon to stay for at least 1 hour, but you can freely leave it to stay during the night for optimum results. The lemon juice will work as chemical peeling and remove the dry and cracked skin.

People who already tried this trick claim that it was actually very effective, although it looks a little bit strange. You will have results immediately. Your heels will be softer and the cracked parts will be gone.

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