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The Secret to Spiritual Healing

by Faye Weber
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The Secret Method of Spiritual Healing

There are several well-known spiritual healing teachers who have published lists of underlying causes for common physical health and wellness issues. For example, Louise Hay has a book called, You Can Heal Your Life, where we can look up specific medical issues and discover the underlying mental or spiritual causes. Several authors have put out their own interpretations, most of which are similar in thought. While none of this information should be discounted, there may be a more effective and simpler way to determine the root cause of an illness, without looking it up in a book. This alternate technique has been found to be highly effective at helping people release their spiritual and emotional blocks and relieve pain and disease.

Let’s say, for example, you have a pain in a certain part of your body, or your doctor told you there is a possibility that you have a certain disease.

The key is to ask yourself, “How does this condition make me feel?”

Therein Lies the Secret…

The answer to that question is the root of your problem. Because the body reflects what we are thinking or feeling, our physical symptoms also reflect what we are already feeling.

One example is a client who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. During her consultation for a Reiki healing session, it came up that the number one feeling this condition brought to her was “powerlessness.” Because the physical is a reflection of the spiritual, it was actually that feeling of powerlessness that opened her up energetically and allowed these cells to become abnormal. When asked if there were experiences in her past that made her feel “powerless,” it turns out that family relationships in her past had greatly impacted her to feel this way. So during her Reiki session, rather than just focusing on “healing the cancer,” the focus was on restoring her personal power. A few weeks later, when she went back for more testing, the results came back negative. The abnormal cells were completely gone.

Another example is a woman whose physical health had been quickly deteriorating over the last four years. She had trouble walking, needed her hips replaced, started having kidney issues, and several other detrimental conditions. When asked to describe in one word how these conditions made her feel, her answer was “sad.” Again, it was actually the feeling of sadness that caused her health to deteriorate. She confirmed that she had spent the last 14 years or so grieving the death of her son, her husband, and several other loved ones who had passed in a very short period of time within each other. She had never dealt with the grief properly, so the sadness began to affect her physical health. So, the focus to bring her healing would be on her sadness and grief. By doing this, she would see her physical health begin to improve.

Engaging the Physical with Spiritual Healing

Once we determine how a condition makes us “feel,” we are then able to work on the root cause and start clearing away the issue entirely. In addition to receiving spiritual healing from a spiritual healing practitioner, you can help yourself at home by changing that feeling or thought with affirmations. For example, in response to the cancer and powerlessness scenario, say: “I am powerful. I have free will.” Another example, in response to the physical deterioration and sadness, say: “I am present and at peace. My loved ones are safe and also at peace.” In addition to the affirmation, place your hands on the area of the body where you are having difficulty. Connect with the divine and send that area love while you state your affirmation.

It is important to note that a specific emotion may not manifest in the exact same way for one person as it does for another. While one person’s feeling of sadness may manifest in physical deterioration, another person’s feeling of sadness may manifest as a kidney issue. And while one person’s feeling of powerlessness may manifest as cancer, another person’s feeling of powerlessness may manifest as a thyroid issue. It is the emotion that the condition causes that is the root of problem, regardless of its location on, or in, the physical body.

So, to summarize:

How we think the condition makes us feel = the feeling or thought causing the condition.

Sometimes, it is hard for us to admit that we already felt that way, but when this method is used, many realize it to be true in the end. Using this method in energy or spiritual healing sessions can bring excellent results and drastically increase the chance of success for the practitioner, as well as the client.

About the Author:

Faye Weber is a Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher in New Jersey. She is the author of the eBook, “4 Vital Steps to Maintain a Healthy Energy Field,” with several other eBooks set to release this year. Through her work, she guides other lightworkers on their path to spiritual awakening and divine purpose. To learn more, visit

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