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Learn Something Death Cannot Destroy

by Gia Dalton
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Discover Many Important Things Death Cannot Destroy

What can you learn in life that death cannot destroy? Most people don’t want to learn about what they already know, or what they necessarily agree with. They want to be intrigued and challenged, perhaps even uncomfortable or angry. They want to learn something so profound it touches the very core of their being. It becomes part of who they are. It ignites a fire inside that cannot be denied, and death cannot destroy.

When a writer puts words on paper, they create a mystery. They have no idea who will read their words and how those words might affect the person reading them, as everyone is in a constant state of change. You are not the same person you were ten years ago, ten days ago or perhaps even ten minutes ago. What you read and absorb, if you accept it, digest and internalize it, becomes part of who you are. Once it becomes part of who you are…death cannot destroy it.

Without your willingness and acceptance, what you learn cannot become a part of you. You choose whether or not you want to let what you have read pass you by, or change you forever.

Death cannot destroy your innate need to unite with others. If someone is hurting you want to reach out and help. Two people are better than one, by standing back to back to conquer adversity. Three people are like a tripled braided cord, and not easily broken.

Feelings of empathy, compassion, mercy and grace, given and received, cannot be destroyed. Life wasn’t meant to be lived alone, sad or isolated. Your weaknesses may be tested; however, you can emerge stronger. You are never alone. Someone understands exactly what you are going through.

What is your soul yearning for? Do you wish to experience the kind of joy that fills your heart with a sense of surrender, peace, and bliss? These are feelings learned in life that death cannot destroy. Sometimes you need to surrender in order to find yourself, and in finding yourself unite with the collective consciousness, discovering God.

Are you trapped in an unhappy state of constant comparison? Do you continually focus on other people, and what they appear to have? It’s impossible to feel positive and negative emotions at the same time. You choose. Remind yourself that you have been gifted talents, uniquely created so that you may fulfill your purpose in life. You have a specific part to play. There are people who need what you have to offer.

If everyone was born to teach who would write? If everyone was born to speak, where would the music come from? Who would feed the starving children, or save the dolphins? You were created with specific gifts and talents, designed to make the collective consciousness stronger. Share your gifts with the world.

Find a mentor: Foster authentic friendships with people who will invest in your interests and calling; friends that are not afraid to tell you the truth because they love you; friends that are unapologetically truthful. Success in life is not measured by material possessions, it is measured by your successors. Care, mentor, and invest in people, and let people invest in you. This is something learned in life that death cannot destroy!

Don’t worry about the opinions of others: Learn to be independent from praise or criticism. Never do anything for power or approval. Read, ingest, and internalize what is good for your mind, body and spirit. Then go out, and do good work in the world.

Do what you do, because you could not imagine doing anything else. This is the path to self actualization, and the path to witness the unfolding of God. It will lead you to an exhilarating finish. Death cannot destroy it.

When you learn that death cannot destroy who you are, who you were created to be, or the legacy of kindness and love you leave behind, you’ll never feel envious of another person’s gifts or situation again. You will embrace being uniquely created and wonderfully made. You will challenge yourself in times of adversity and in happiness to learn and grow.

In the end you learn that you were always qualified and equipped to to help yourself and other’s. You were destined to shine your special kind of light on the world. You were born to empathize and have compassion. The kind of light that rises in the darkness, and makes night look like day.

Death cannot destroy everlasting light. It is glorious when your soul cries out, touching other’s and lights the world from the inside out. Death cannot destroy that.

About the Author:

Gia Dalton is an international visionary writer, speaker, coach, teacher and intuitive life strategist. Currently, she is writing a book. A modern, Bohemian guru, she states, “My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love, giving the glory to God. ”

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