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Exploring the Road Less Traveled

by Brett Jones
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“We all face death. Few face life.”

Exploring introspection can be somewhat enlightening: It’s easy to see the futile efforts of the many who run their lives on automatic and keep getting the same results over and over again. Equally, it’s also easy to see the upward climb of those who align with the divine nature that exists in the universe and how their lives are rewarded for doing so.

Exploring the Road of Awareness

That road of awareness is becoming more popular and in fact, it’s becoming obligatory. We all can see that our planet is sick if not dying. We can all see that our political system fails to deliver a healthy food or medical system that is not profit driven. So a moment of awareness leads to one conclusion. There must be more than accepting the status quo as an individual, if we are to see global change.

Once that awareness dawns and we begin our ascent on the path, it’s obvious that to change the world I must be the change, to paraphrase Gandhi. My own personal journey to wake up was one that caused turmoil; at times the progress was slow but it’s a bit like peeling an onion. If you accept that there will be times when you wish you had stayed asleep, then you can keep moving forward. The alternative is to accept the ego’s solution, which is what got us into trouble in the first place. So at an individual level, what do you need to do to awaken?

The Tao Te Ching, the ancient 3500-year-old sacred document, has some advice:
Tao exists in one’s own true self. It cannot be found outside of one’s true nature.
Hence, there is no need to leave the house to take journey in order to know the world.

The Tao is the real self within, as distinct to the ego, which also exists within you. The essence of awakening is to bring the real self to the fore, rather than remain unconscious and allow the ego to determine what you will do.

What does this mean?

Your life can be divided into five areas: health, wealth, your work or business, your relationships and the one with yourself. Let me pose the question in each of these. What do you need to do in each area to be better? The second question would be: Do you have all the skills necessary in each of those areas to be better? No? Then you need to acquire them.

In the area of wealth, if you spend too much and can’t save money then find someone to help you with the skills and the behavioral change necessary to make it happen. Knowledge is one thing, but actioning it is another. We all know too much chocolate is a bad thing but if you are overweight, you will know that stopping is the real issue. That is where knowledge of the ego is important. If you do not know what the ego is, find out. It is the major reason we eat too much, spend too much, cannot get on with other people and do not really know or love ourselves.

Many lack the awareness of the real self and the ego. It’s by wanting to change so that we are no longer asleep that awareness slowly arises. It’s like the rising of a new day; as it begins, it gradually gets brighter. Awareness comes to those who are prepared to be different, and then exploring that difference from the way that the majority lives. Which works better, which makes me happier and more peaceful? As Buddha said, we must all find our own way by testing what works for us individually. He didn’t say follow me. He said, find your own way.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to follow another, rather than go down the road less traveled. Initially, you will need to find a master, a teacher, or guru to assist you in the right direction; but after the apprenticeship, you must strike out on your own and lead the way yourself. Exploring is the road to mastery, awakening, and enlightenment. No one else can take you down that road. Only your real self knows the road you must travel.

Mastery of ego leads to us changing the world. Once we are all masters of ego then we will all want change in the world. The change has to begin with us. Start working on yourself today. This is the essence of selfless action spoken of in the Bhagavad Gita, one of the ancient Hindu Vedic texts:
Further, having regard to thy own duty, thou should not waver, for there is nothing higher…than a righteous war.
This is one war we all need to win.

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