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Simple Techniques to Release Negative Energy

by Lisa Shaw

Release What Does Not Serve You…

Picture yourself coming home from a walk in piled high snow. You collect “stones” of snow on your boots or shoes. While the powdery stuff falls away with each step, by the time you get to your front door your shoes will be covered in balls of snow that cling like Velcro. The same thing happens when you walk through mud or moist earth. As it dries to a powder, the mud flies away from you. But when you approach your threshold thick residue will have molded to your shoe.

What do you do? Stamp your feet a few times on the floor, scrape one foot with the other, and watch the debris fall off. Sometimes it requires extra scraping. The same holds true for our own internal debris. We can apply the same simple cleansing to shed unwanted or outmoded energy.

The following techniques can help us release negative energy:

Release Negative Energy 1. Rock and Roll! Shake!
Just as you are shaking snow or dirt from your shoes, shake your feet, hands, arms, head, and shoulders with the intention of releasing external energy that has accumulated around your etheric body. You can extend this into a concentrated physical activity like dance. Put on some music and twist! You can also enlist professional help. Standard massage strokes include rocking and shaking a client. Rocking is often used with hands on the upper and root chakras. Shaking more specifically promotes release.

Release Negative Energy2. Kick it from you.
Sometimes we absorb a particular person’s negative energy. We all experience people who drain us, toxic people whose energy sucks up our vitality. A simple technique that protects you and renders no harm to that person is the shoe technique. Put the person’s name in your shoe and as you walk, you are moving that energy further from your immediate boundary. It will not invade your personal space and remain one long footstep away.

Release Negative Energy 3. Bathe in natural water.
You can add mountain spring water to your bath: its purity aligns you with the earth’s healing energies. Ritual bathing is sacred in many religions, notably Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The Jewish mikveh is a pool of living water (collected rainwater) to return the body to a purified state, but any natural body of water serves that purpose (lake, ocean, river). Muslims follow a prescribed ritual cleansing for the same restorative purpose and it is prescribed after menstruation, certain sexual acts, conversion, and death. It brings one to a holy state. Christian baptism publicly affirms commitment to Christ when one is “born again” and can be performed as full immersion in a pool or natural body of water or symbolically with sprinkling.

Release Negative Energy 4. Burn it into the ethers.
Identify the energy you wish to release: a person, event, fear, trauma, or sadness. Write it on a piece of paper and light a candle; then breathe deeply, slow your physical and mental processes, and concentrate on releasing this energy as you burn the paper in the flame. This exercise increases in potency at the full moon.

Release Negative Energy 5. Dissolve it in a glass of water.
This technique is very common in Cuban households. Place a clear glass of water at your bedside before you go to sleep with the intention of the water collecting subconscious debris. Leave it on the nightstand overnight; the water’s energy will draw out impurities, fears, anxieties, negativity. The glass might appear cloudy in the morning. Then pour it down the drain.

Release Negative Energy 6. Tap it away.
Use the Emotional Freedom Technique, a method that combines tapping along Chinese meridian points with strong affirmations, not just to release negative energy, but to identify and release the ROOT of the problem. It’s best to have a session with a practitioner or take a training class, but the information and manual are available for free on the internet at The founder of the program, Gary Craig, compares the method to “acupuncture without the needles;” it stimulates physical, emotional, and mental release.

Release Negative Energy 7. Clean up your physical space.
Dust the corners, throw out unwanted items. The Universe will follow your lead and help you unload negative energy, thoughts, and feelings. Even better, it will fill up those empty spaces with good stuff.

Release Negative Energy 8. Burn incense or smudge sticks.
Try the indigenous practice of using sacred plants to purify a space, including your own aura. Using a feather to direct the smoke over yourself, you take what is defined as a “smoke bath” to dissolve negative energy and impurities. Western traditions use a related ritual The Chabad, a branch of Hasidic Judaism devoted to teaching, explains the sacred use of spices at difficult times: “According to kabbalah, of all the five senses, smell is the only one which impacts the soul. The fragrant smell … comforts and soothes the soul at its most difficult juncture of the week” ( In Catholicism, incense is used to offer something pleasing to God and to sanctify a body or space in the name of Christ. American notes a very significant use of incense with prayer, citing a Revelation passage that depicts an angel burning incense whose “ smoke … goes up before God with prayers.” The use of incense, spices, and smoke is as old as humankind.

Release Negative Energy 9. Release through the power of your voice.
Chant. Sing. Scream. Eastern traditions rely on chanting, particularly devotional chants or mantras. Kundalini Yoga combines rigorous physical movement with vocalization to promote healing and release. African and Native American tribes sing chants. The collective unconscious recognizes what Paramahansa Yogananda articulates, “Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe.” He states further that devotional chant heals body, mind, and soul.

Release Negative Energy 10. Soak in negative ions.
These are oxygen atoms that contain one or more extra negative electrons. They are found in fresh air but become more prominent in rushing water like the ocean waves, or waterfalls, which explain why people feel regenerated after visiting the beach or the country. Minerals such as pink Himalayan sea salt also contain negative ions. They look similar to quartz crystal but are actually salt rocks that clear energy.

Release Negative Energy 11.Align with crystal energies.
Certain stones are more prolific at drawing out and neutralizing negativity than others. Among these are amethyst, which clears out unwanted thoughts and clear quartz with chlorite inclusions, which absorbs negative energy from the body. Black stones such as tourmaline, onyx, and obsidian tend to deflect negative energy. Work with a crystal practitioner who uses crystal grids or find a comprehensive guide to crystal healing.

Remember that your desire to purify is most important, regardless of the method you choose. When you engage in any healing process with body, mind, and spirit working in unison, your results will be remarkable. Remember, too, however, that release does not come without an emotional reaction, so expect to feel the energy you have determined to relinquish.

About the Author:
Lisa Shaw is an animal communicator, clairvoyant intuitive counselor, writer, and professor who lives in South Florida with her feathered and furry family. She is at rained hospice chaplain. Her web site is, and her eBook, Illumination: Life Lessons from our Animal Companions, is available on Amazon.

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