When the Future Buddha began to subsist on solid food obtained from the nearby village Senani, he regained his strength and the natural beauty of his body, and the thirty..two marks on the body re-appeared.

In Uruvela, in the village Senani, the vllage chief Sennni had a daughter called Sujata.

When Sujata attained the age of puberty, she made a vow at a banyan tree to the effect that if she Were to marry husband of equal status, and have a son as the first child, she would make an annual offering of one hundred thousand coins to the deity there. Now her wish had been fulfilled: she Was preparing to perform the vow.

As six years of austerities of the Future Buddha came to a close on the Full Moon day of the month of Visakha, Sujata began to make preparations to perform her vow. She had in advance fed a thousand cows in the Latthika Sweet Creeper Grove, and their milk Was given to five hundred cows. Their milk Was given to two hundred and fifty cows, and so on in a diminishing proportion until the milk of sixteen cows was given to eight cows. This transmission f milk was done to make it thicker, sweeter and richer.

Quite early in the morning of the Full .o day of Vaisakha, she got up and ordered the eight COWS to be milked! But the calves did not go beneath the udders of the COWS. However, when new vessels were kept under the udders. spontaneously did streams of milk begin to flow.

When Sujata Witnessed this marvel, she took the vessels of milk in her hands and poured the milk into a new vessel. She kindled tie fire herself and began to boil it.

As the milk rice was being boiled, large bubbles began to rise and turn up to the right. Not a drop of milk spilt out, and not a trace of any smoke rose from the fireplace.’ When Sujata saw in one day these various marvels, she addressed her maid-servant, Punna:

“Dear Purina, today our deity is exceedingly pleased. I have for so long never seen such marvels like these. Run up to the abode of the deity, and prepare the place”

Punna replied in assent and hastened up to the foot of the tree.

As for the Future Buddha, he had that night dreamt the following five great dreams:

1. The great earth stretched out for him to use as a bed. His head reposed on Mount Meru as a pillow. The sea on the East supported his left arm. His right arm rested on the western sea, and his two feet stretched out to the Southern sea.

2. A tree (Tiriya) grew up out of his navel, and the top of it reached the sky.

3. White ants with black heads reached him and covered him up to his knees.

4. Four birds flying from each quarter, came towards him. They Were of different Colours. but as they fell at his feet they all became White.

5. There appeared a lofty and wide mound of impure substance on which he walked about without pollution.

The first dream indicated the attainment of enlightenment by the Buddha.

The second dream indicated the mastering of the Eightfold Path and the preaching of it to the world by the Buddha.

The third dream of white ants With black heads was indicative of a large number of laymen dressed in white garments taking refuge in the Buddha.

The fourth dream, wherein four birds of different colours flew up to the feet of the Future Buddha and became white, showed how people of the four castes, Ksatriya, Brahmana, Vaisya and Sudra, entered the order of the Buddha and realized their emancipation.

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