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Ascension: The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

by Ahtayaa Leigh
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Many lightworkers were anticipating a transmutation, or clear shift in consciousness immediately following December 21st 2012, without realizing that it was just one of many time gates in the divine plan of planetary purification and the inception of the new Golden Age of Earth. Not only did it appear that mass consciousness did not awaken, humanity seemed to get even more degraded. Why?

2012 was just the beginning of the final phase of the purification process and as with any purification, things look worse before they get better. But don’t despair, we are now entering a three year period between 2016 and 2018 when the old paradigm is interfacing with the inception of the new Earth. We’re birthing a new age of peace, harmony, balance, unconditional love and abundance for all through our hearts, whilst dissolving the old paradigm with our love. The new Golden Age is rising like a phoenix from the ashes!

2012 was zero point for the activation of the new Earth and the mass ascension of consciousness. It was the balancing point of a 12-year time gate (activation portal), six years leading up to 2012 and six years after 2012.

The six years leading up to 2012 saw a massive increase in lightworkers being awakened and guided to their missions. Many have been called to sacred sites and ancient portals to play their part in the activation of the Christ consciousness grid. The Christ consciousness grid, also known as the 144 crystalline grid, is Gaia’s crystalline energy body, and like our energy bodies it is made up of chakras, ley lines and meridian points. These are the power points around the globe where energy is received, focused and distributed. The health of Gaia’s light body determines the health of mass consciousness.

For a long time the consciousness of humanity has been restricted by the unnatural time system we know as the Gregorian calendar. The Mayan prophecy predicted the end of this false time system and a return to the universal laws of time. In other words, the way time is perceived is about to change resulting in a shift in mass consciousness. We’re being taken back to nature, where we not only live in alignment with the Earth’s natural rhythms but also with the energy flow of the entire universe. We will no longer be ruled by clocks in the ‘time is money’ paradigm, instead we will be guided by synchronicity in the ‘time is art’ paradigm. (For more info see the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar System)

How Does Transmutation Fit into Ascension?

Since 2013 – 2015, we have been experiencing what is known in esoteric circles as the apocalypse, a time of great revelation and cleansing upon the Earth that brings with it destruction. As part of the cleansing process, negative energies are brought to the surface then transmuted and cleansed from creation, both collectively and individually.

Rather than manifest as a worldwide catastrophe the apocalypse has manifested in the heart-breaking situations we see in the world today, such as the crisis in Syria. As lightworkers it is important that we view worldwide events and personal challenges from the higher perspective of the divine plan. The higher purpose of these situations is to allow the negative energy trapped in the current reality (or paradigm) to come to the surface to be transmuted. This is the job of the transmuters amongst us. We are here to focus our unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance upon these situations and let the corresponding golden light energy that is pouring into the grid system break down the dense energies that feed war, violence and destruction -transmuting them into peace, love and forgiveness.

From 2016 to 2018, the amount of golden light being dispensed from the great central sun is rapidly increasing, triggering even deeper awakenings within humanity and a greater awareness of our interconnectedness. As the crystalline grid comes fully online, the old paradigm grid system is being dissolved and the light memories held within the libraries of light are again capable of being accessed and perceived by humanity. As a lightworker, it’s important that you don’t get caught up on ‘how’ the new paradigm is going to appear but rather trust that when the living libraries are revealed all will become clear.

What does Ascension mean for you as a lightworker?

If transmutation is part of your mission, the next three years of ascension will be active for you, and yes it won’t always be easy, much like the last three years! As an activated lightworker, you will find yourself in situations and energies that require you to transmute them. By now you are probably becoming quite skilled (after lots of practice!) in the art of transmutation, keeping the peace even when things around you appear to be falling apart.

Always remember that you are a strong soul who was selected for this ascension work for a reason. You are an experienced transmuter having done this job for many lifetimes. You have the courage and strength within your soul to bring peace and love to any situation. Know that whatever you are going through is temporary and with great purpose. You are an amazing being of light, and you are loved more than you can imagine. Keep peace and balance in your life and the process of transmutation will pass by effortlessly and with speed. Remember that by living the values of peace, forgiveness, harmony and unconditional love in your life you ground these energies into the whole of creation, melding heaven and Earth.

To make life easier during this time of ascension, maintain a close connection with God and with your family of light. Call upon all the support you need from the seen and unseen realms. Your family in the higher realms is awaiting your request for more assistance – oblige them. Ask them to help you embody the golden light of source and ask them to help you clear your energy field of all energies that are of less than 100% love and light. Live and breathe God and the next three years will be a breeze.

About the Author:

Ahtayaa Leigh is a Spiritual Alchemist, Gold Ray Healer and Ascension Guide. Following the call of Great Spirit she has travelled the world participating in light activations and global healing. Her life work is committed to supporting others on their journey of awakening. Learn more about her at and connect on Facebook at Ahtayaa Leigh

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