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The Four Stages of Death

by Paul Haider
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We are full of the life from God, the Universe, and the One-and-Only. All things on this earth plane are full of the essence of life. Our soul is so important because it’s the battery that spins the wheels of life, so that our robotic flesh and blood can go about its duties. We start out on the other side of the veil, connected in the white light fully encompassed in bliss. Then, we come to this plane to learn lessons, so that we can then go back to our true home, which is called by many names, such as Nirvana, Heaven, and Paradise. There are four stages to the process of death depending upon the spiritual upbringing of a person.

First, the Angel of Death comes to collect our soul during the process of death. This angel has been called by many names, such as Yama, The Angel of Death and Azrael. The Angel of Death is truly angelic. Once we are touched by the Angel of Death, our soul separates from our body. Thus, we may look down upon our lifeless body wondering why people are frantic and sad. Then, when we are ready, the Angel of Death pulls us through the tunnel of light, and we forget about the past. In fact, we are immersed in peacefulness, quiet and contentment as we see a spot of super bright light becoming larger and larger. Many individuals who have gone down this path and returned have attested to the peace and the feeling of being lovingly held in the arms of an angelic being.

Secondly, once when we reach our destination, this being known as Yama, The Angel of Death, or Azrael relinquishes his duties, and we stand in a place of amazingly bright light. Some see Jesus, while some see Krishna. Others may see four angels of light or other angelic beings who acknowledge the newcomer to the realm of light. This process has also been talked about by many who have died and returned.

Third, the angelic beings start a process of life review. Our life review is very different from a movie, hologram or anything else because we take on the essence of all those we have interacted with during our last life time. Now, we get to feel how we have created either love, kindness and peace or feelings of anger, sadness and hurt. We not only get to see this, but we also feel everything! Perhaps, this is where the Egyptians felt that the soul had to be lighter than a feather, not burden with heavy shame and guilt.

All of this happens in a flash. It’s as if everything is happening all at once or at least in this angelic realm time does not exist. Many who have had near death experiences talk about this life review, but there are some changes depending upon the individual and the spiritual upbringing they have experienced.

Fourth, we decide if we’ve learned the lesson we originally came to learn, and whether we brought more love and light into the world. There is no judgment at all; we decide this on our own. We are totally honest and open with our thoughts, and our thoughts are exposed to the angelic realm. Thus, the process of recycle of our soul happens immediately, and we are routed back into conception with new parents to learn lessons.

Some of this process is different depending upon the spiritual understanding of the person. Some individuals go to a long cave and have many trials and tribulations they must overcome to make their way to the light. Still others after the life review go to a cave and see parental couples making love. Depending upon the feeling they get from each mother and father, they choose their new family and start a new life.

Very few people have a negative process happen during death. However, if they do have a negative experience, they may call out asking for help from God, the Universe and the One and Only, and they are instantly transported into the light of love.

In actuality, the whole process is loving, kind, peaceful and full of bliss. We are being guided in life to create according to a Divine plan. Many a great spiritual leader has talked about a Divine plan for every soul. A Divine plan that we must surrender to in order to fulfill our destiny. Ego keeps us fighting Divine Will, and thus we don’t fulfill our true Destiny. Instead, we opt for money, power and status. Divine Will involves ending suffering, being there for people, making a difference in the world and changing the direction of perhaps just one soul or even millions souls.

So Rejoice! We come. We follow the Divine Plan. We help those in need, and eventually we end up back in the light of bliss.

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A Master Herbalist and Spiritual Teacher for over 25 years, Paul Haider helps people to recover and feel healthy. You can find Dr. Haider on Facebook by searching Dr. Paul Haider and Healing Herbs.

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