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Soul Energy, Resonance, and the Twin Souls Dilemma

by Sunanda Sharma
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What is soul energy? Every soul resonates with a soul essence passed on to the soul when it first incarnated on Earth, one half in a male body and the other half in a female body. This soul essence is also called as a twin soul. Each of the twin souls resonate a very powerful and magnetic energy, simply because it’s energy attracting its other half; like one soul residing in two bodies with being one male and one being female.

When the one soul split into two is brought together, the pull is irresistible and felt by both the bodies. No matter what the situation is, the attraction is simply unforgettable! What comes forth after the first meeting is a huge spiritual growth and many transformations. They may have to undergo a lot of karma clearance before they reunite as one.

This karma cleansing may involve walking out of a marriage, relationships ending, fulfilling other soul group obligations and so on. Only once each soul is done with their respective obligations and karmic duties or clearance and have come to a blank slate state, further reunion may take place. Again, the reunion entirely depends if both decide to do so. In a twin flame association, both twins free will should resonate, and only then can they merge as a couple. Whether marriage happens is determined by their combined agenda. Nothing can be forced in such unions, and universe will should also align.

From a 3-D perspective, such unions sound foolhardy, but the fact is that these unions are only meant for 5-D beings, primarily for Earth ascension and to be of service in humanity. A whole lot of soul searching, transformations, and transmutations are part of the twin flame path, and it is definitely not for the fainthearted.

Not every twin soul will incarnate at the same time on planet Earth. Many may just remain in ether, while their counterpart twin male or female takes birth in body form. It is again part of the divine soul plan to undergo a lifetime or more of separation, decided by either, depending on the lessons they wish to learn.

The twin souls, who decide to incarnate at the same time, usually do so to merge and ascend the planetary consciousness with their raised light carrying capacity. They are basically vessels for higher light codes. Twin souls usually have a very high psychic or intuitive sense. Many have paranormal powers. They could be highly clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, or clairaudient. They share fantastic telepathic connections and can sense the other’s whereabouts all of the time. It’s similar to walking with the twin shadow even when the twin is thousands of miles away, maybe even a different continent altogether!

Some twins feel as if they are being monitored 24/7 by their other half, which may give way to frustration at times. A twin soul is a high energy soul and requires a lot of alone time. Twin souls are usually loners and need a lot of time to process energetic upgrades. Once they are together, they can forget the whole world in the blink of an eye. Together, their power is multiplied manifolds.

Twin souls usually have a rough time in relationships because of their resonance. This is primarily due to energetic differences in their soul energy frequency with the rest of the environment. They are affected by lower frequency people and situations, and are one of the most highly misunderstood packs of people. Usually, they find themselves a misfit in the 3-D reality and yearn for self-employment, space, and lots of alone time. Falling in love doesn’t equate to jut physical desires, but it also involves matching on a mental and spiritual wavelength. For them, dating wouldn’t entail roses, wine and plush hangouts, they prefer a quiet retreat on the top of a mountain facing a water body.

Their soul is fired by Earth‘s bounty more than make believe reality. Sex for them is not usually lust, but a deep retreat in the other half of the soul, which they longed for. It is a completion on an energetic level and a spiritual high. Their love stories are entail soul quenching and deep inner merging.

Sometimes, it’s a merging at an astral level, but not on a physical level. One soul may reside in the etheric form and the other is on Earth. During astral travels, the two unite and merge. The twin, who is on Earth, may be married to another soul mate. In that case, astral visits help the two souls to meet on the fifth or higher dimension. Such interstellar visits and unions are intended to maintain the soul’s resonance and lessen the separation the soul feels otherwise.

Many people talk about the runner soul or waiting soul. The fact is each soul has charted out a path for themselves, and it may appear one is a runner soul. However, he or she is just fulfilling obligations with other souls, and the waiting twin is actually not waiting, but rather developing his/her self because that’s the way he/she charted it out in order to develop or grow. Therefore, the best way out for either soul is to surrender the timing and focus on individual growth and evolution, however frustrating it may be at times. 3-D reality does distract the twin soul and that’s where the kinks appear.

Time may seem to pass by, but honestly it is happening just as it should be. Universe does have a final say, and at best one can pray for the reunion, and if it’s mean to be, it will be! Usually when ascension is desired by both the twins, then the union happens for good and forever.

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Sunanda Sharma is a professional Tarot Card Reader, Psychic, Author and Life Coach. Sunanda is a published author, and she can be reached at

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