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Research Reveals Fast Acting Toxin in Nail Polish in These Nail Polish Brands

by Expanded Consciousness

Well, that’s just awful. I’m truly sorry to the bearer of bad news but yet another chemical has been found to unspecific toxic effects. This one is specific to nail polish and is called triphenyl phosphate, or TPHP. While found in nail polish as a plasticizer, this chemical is also a flame retardant for furniture and a general plastic hardener.

Researchers at Duke University and the Environmental Working Group recently published a study finding an alarming presence of TPHP in nail polish users. TPHP is thought to disrupt hormone production and distribution. Only a few animal studies have been conducted, finding reproductive and developmental irregularities. in general Clear polishes have been found to have higher concentrations than colored polishes. Subjects using polishes containing TPHP saw a sevenfold increase of a TPHP metabolite (the substance formed when the body metabolizes TPHP) just 10 to 14 hours after painting their nails.

The EWG has a database of over some 3,000 nail products and the potentially harmful effects. The site also features information on 6,400 products health and beauty products. As you look into the specifics of the products remember that the chemical can be cited as TPP and not all companies list the ingredient. Apparently the molecule isn’t supposed to be absorbed by the nail bed. Researchers theorized that solvents in the polish allow for the compound to be metabolized. No long term studies have been conducted as of late but the short term exposure is enormous. Frequent users of nail polish should beware frequent, uneducated use.

Photo Source: Mother Jones

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