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Marijuana for Depression and Anxiety


Marijuana can be used to reduce anxiety and cope with stress. There is a maxim that people who use marijuana, frequently have marijuana-like chemicals in their brain. Apart from marijuana there are also many other ways to reduce anxiety and depression though many people view that marijuana is the most excellent way. In a scientific study they revealed that marijuana causes depression in some people while it is a remedy for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders and mood swings to other people. A study reveals that individuals who take marijuana daily have low risks of getting depressed. There is no specific proof that marijuana causes depression.

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Latest reviews on marijuana as a solution to depression and anxiety

Featured in the latest review marijuana acts as depressant that enables to balance the nervous system of a depressed person. This brings an energizing and relaxing feeling to the brain and entire body .This depressed individual will be able to come back to his/her senses and accept reality.

It is also stated in the reviews that marijuana is able to convert the mood swing caused by creating a jovial mood. The individuals going through depression treatment confess feeling happy after a long period of dull mood .they also state that they can face more difficult situations and life challenges with patience and compassion.

Marijuana has the ability to cause instant sleep when taken as prescribed by the doctor. This is said to be a means of sending the whole body to a relaxation mode since depressed people suffer from insomnia and anxiety. After long hours of sleep the patient confesses of some changes in their body. Often anxiety is the first to be eliminated then the process of clearing depression takes place.

Marijuana is not a life time drug since it treats completely no need to be taken forever. Patients who have had marijuana administered to them confess of its help since their life was at stake before they came across marijuana.

Marijuana is said to help the drug addicts leave the habit within a short period of time without struggle. This medication compared to others is so strong and instant hence featured as the best in dealing with depression, anxiety and drug addiction.

It is featured in the world wide health reviews that marijuana has other numerous health benefits such as treating nausea, chronic pain, breathing difficulties and makes the brain so active. There is no frequent memory loss as the patients said they were able to remember very fast when they began noticing signs of depression. This does not guarantee students to use marijuana for better performance. This drug must be administered by a qualified doctor to ensure proper functioning. It is not in the form raw marijuana but processed as a drug.

Marijuana is said to help in proper blood pumping and circulation. It awakens the digestion system of a depressed person who may not be feeding properly. Most people experiencing depression have poor appetite hence it becomes better after taking marijuana as a drug. This leads to normal blood pressure and the hemoglobin level also becomes normal. A depressed person is prone to anemia reducing even the immunity system. After lab tests the patients are said to have normal hemoglobin level and increased immunity.

The latest reviews state that the patients are able to become more active than before in their careers and fields of work. This is a clear indication that marijuana activates the brain enabling the patient to have hope in life and work harder in order to cover up the loss they made during the time of depression.

Featured in the reviews marijuana has ability to treat cancer, have better appetite, become more friendly, find taste in food, become cheerful and appreciate all that life has to give. Individuals who have survived depression by the help of marijuana are able to view things in a different perspective. They can make better and wiser decisions as compared to those people who have not undergone marijuana treatment.


Depression can cause to early death if not handled fast since it the chronic stage of stress. Avoid letting the depressed people stay alone since they can cause harm to the environment or even themselves. Individuals who have depression caused by drug addiction tend to respond well to marijuana since they think it’s also another drug. Anxiety comes in line with depression whereby the affected feel tired with life and will always be suicidal. Depression wears out ones beautiful skin creating wrinkles and tired skin. This brings the understanding to why marijuana is a legal drug in most nations. Marijuana has side effects such as addiction and insomnia. Take marijuana only under prescription not as kind of fun or lifestyle.


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