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How Long After Dinner Should You Go To Sleep? This Increases The Risk of Stroke For 66%

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Besides having problems such as belching or heart burn, if you go to bed immediately after dinner, you are at greater risk of heart attack. Moreover, it also increases the risk of stroke for 66% and therefore it is recommended to go to sleep at least one hour after dinner. This data are results from a research conducted by a group of professionals from the Medicinal faculty in the Ionian Islands in Greece.

The scientists studied around 500 people from which half suffered a stroke, whereas the other developed half acute coronary syndrome (frequent form of heart disease with decreased blood flow in the heart due to clogged arteries). The participants were divided in two groups; the first group was people who waited 60 to 70 minutes to go to sleep after dinner and those who immediately went to sleep after eating dinner. Furthermore, the people from the second group had 66 percent bigger chances of experiencing a stroke, whereas the persons who waited between 70 and 120 minutes were 76% more protected.

Acid reflux is also another consequence of going to sleep right after having dinner. While lying in bed, the condition is worsened since the stomach acid goes back to the throat, and can cause long term problems such as damaging of the mucus membrane of the esophagus. Belching and heart burn are a consequence of going to bed immediately after having dinner which causes problems with digestion due to the horizontal position.

Source: healthtipssource
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