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Diving Into Our 7th Sense

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by iSoul Science

While the human species may be advanced we have forgotten, and have much to learn yet from nature. Specifically marine life.

Sharks have a solid reputation for locating prey by smell, especially over long distances. However, they can also pick up on the small electrical fields generated by other animals. Electrical signals coming from muscle movements of other organisms are received by the ampullae and transmitted through jelly-filled bulbs where they strike the nerves and signal the brain

When light is scarce in murky water or at depths, and vision is impaired, this electromagnetic sense is especially useful for locating prey. Not only is electroreception used to locate other sharks or prey, but it is also employed as a compass during migration. And if that’s not enough, sharks can use their ampullae to navigate the globe by tracking earth’s electromagnetic field. That’s pretty amazing. The only other mammals known to have electroreception are the monotremes: duck-billed platypus and both species of echidna.

Near the ampullae on the head of sharks, a seventh sense system is found, It is used to detect vibrations and changes in pressure caused by currents or other animals.

If a shark approaches the structure and encounters the changing water movement, the shark’s neuromasts are pushed and pulled. This sudden interruption or change in direction of the hair cells’ normal movements indicates to the shark that something large is near. By registering neuromast shifts, sharks are constantly updated with information on their surroundings.

Dolphins and porpoises use echolocation for hunting and orientation. By sending out high-frequency sound, known as ultrasound, dolphins can use the echoes to determine what type of object the sound beam has hit. Researchers from Sweden and the US have now discovered that dolphins can generate two sound beam projections simultaneously.
“The beam projections have different frequencies and can be sent in different directions. The advantage is probably that the dolphin can locate the object more precisely,” says Josefin Starkhammar, a newly examined doctor in Electrical Measurements at Lund University, who also holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Physics.
What we consider 6th and 7th senses in humanity:

Sixth sense experiences range from intuition, déjà vu, prescience, to past life parallels. As our conscious mind is always trying to create a linear story out of our experiences, we tend to look for cause and effect to explain a multi-dimensional event. When our mind can’t make two and two equal four, we call it a coincidence.

While your sixth sense utilizes your feeling body to inform you when your intuition is on or off target, your seventh sense is your doorway to Unity Consciousness. Bypassing physicality, it is direct access to all information contained within the entire Universe—relative to your physical world. No intermediary or channeling is involved. It has been called the Akashic records by some, or the Hall of Records by others. Every human being intermittently uses his or her seventh sense, but most do so unconsciously. You are using your seventh sense when you ask the Universe a question and receive the answer as your own thought with such clarity, there is no doubt. It is pure knowing.

The True understanding of utilizing our 6th and 7th senses:

While humanity may be able to access the akashic records, to receive enlightenment of mind. There have been many before us who have possessed the “powers” of electromagnetic energy within their own physical being. The same way sharks and dolphins view their surroundings and and send out echo location.

By understanding your electromagnetic field, by the understanding of your own light body and by the understanding that you are a living ecosystem constantly in vibrational motion. You can begin to understand that by setting up a sound wave within your own body of the same pattern, that starts at the opposite pole you can achieve the same, as our marine friends and much more. This was understood by those of the art and the true reason for the “rod and the staff”

For example, if you were in a cave, rounded out on all sides with a flat rectangular dish filled with water in the middle. And you blew into a large horn. The vibration of the sound would travel the outskirts of the walls and come back to the water dish, allowing the small piece of wood rested on top to move on the rippled water purely by vibrational force. We hold this vibrational force within us.

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