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After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Away These Bags Again… (#5 Is My Favorite)

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Did you know that those little silica gel bags that you find in shoe boxes actually aren’t toxic at all? We normally just throw those little suckers away, but they actually have some pretty awesome uses.

They are filled with a type of substance that is called silicon dioxide, which you shouldn’t eat, but can be quite useful around the house. They are a non-toxic inert desiccant that can pretty much dry out anything around them. Below is a short little list about different ways you could utilize them around your home.

Put them in your gym bag
These little bags main purpose is to absorb extra moisture and help protect your shoes. Normally bacteria thrive extremely well in a damp and moist environment, so these little bags can help to eliminate dampness and even germs from your gym bag. If your gym bag seems to smell pretty ripe, these little things can even help to eliminate that foul odor as well.

Put them between towels
Yes that right, you can also help to prevent your towels from getting smelling and damp by simply placing a few of these in your towel cabinet. Cause let’s be honest, if you just got out of the bath or shower, your towel isn’t dirty, just damp. These guys can help keep your towels dry and keep away that mold smell away from your towels.

Make your razors last longer
So you just bought a brand new razor and after just a few short days of keeping it around the bath or put away in a container, the darn thing somehow stays moist and you start getting rust build up on your razor. These little silica bags can be placed in a container with your razor and can actually extend the life of your razor a bit longer.

Save your drowned phone
We’ve all been there, right? You accidentally dropped your phone in some water. So then you have to break out the rice and drop your phone in to help dry it out. Instead, you can try placing your phone inside of a jar and drop those little bags inside and then boom, your phone drys up a little faster and more effectively. There is no need to waste food trying to dry your phone out.

No more foggy car windows
Ever have fogged up windows during the damp weather season? Isn’t it so freaking annoying? Instead of sitting there waiting for the heater or AC to do its job, which if you are in an older vehicle, could take forever. Simply put a bunch of silica gel bags under your windshield and watch the magic. You’ll see that in the morning when you wake up to go to work that your windows won’t be foggy at all. It may be the fastest way to eliminate the foggy issues of your windows and will help to shave off the extra 10 minutes just to defog your windows in the morning.

Save your old photos
Some of us love to save old photos, but deterioration with time is always an issue. Pictures are a great physical reminder of our past and can be dear to our hearts. If you take a few of the silica bags and put them in your box of photos, they can keep the dampness away that would otherwise ruin your wonderful photos.

Save your make up
Are you fed up with your powdery makeup curdling and ruining the whole thing? Well if you place a couple of silica bags into your make up purse or container, you can easily stop this from happening.

These are 7 little life hacks that can make your life just a little bit easier. So next time you purchase something with some silica gel bags, instead of throwing them away, try holding on to them. These little suckers can be extremely useful.

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