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7 Things To ALWAYS Be Grateful For

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by Gerio
Expanded Consciousness

1. VISION – is the primary source of sensory input for most people. Eyes are highways between inside and outside. Rest your eyes. Exercise your eyes. Look. See. Observe.

And should you really open your eyes and see you’d behold your image in all images. Kahlil Gibran

If eyesight is impaired, consider the words of Stevie Wonder…
Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn’t mean he lacks vision.

Gratitude listens and is present

2. HEARING – gives us the ability to listen. To listen is to be present. To listen is to learn. Listen to nature, animals, music. Listen to people. Listen to your inner voice.
…if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself. Rollo May
If hearing is impaired, listen to silence.…

Let us be silent, that we may hear the whispers of the gods.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gratitude expressed to others is a loving touch

3. TOUCH – is crucial to well-being. Physical affection changes bio-chemistry, releases stress, lifts depression and boosts the immune system. Touch tenderly. Hug often.

To be able to feel the lightest touch really is a gift.
Christopher Reeve

Gratitude for thinking stimulates creativity

4. THINKING – gives us the power to chart our course in life and make decisions. It gives us the freedom of choice and the ability to change direction. Thinking can lock us in a self-made prison or set us free.

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
Marcus Aurelius

Gratitude arouses joy and laughter

5. LAUGHTER – releases stress, relieves pain, stimulates the brain, aids memory, improves mood, expands awareness and creates a bond between people. Look for humor. Laugh out loud. Laugh a lot.

There is little success where there is little laughter.
Andrew Carnegie

Gratitude is a song of love

6. LOVE – is pure energy that flows through open channels. Love harmonizes, unifies and blesses all. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be grateful. Be loving.

There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.
Lord Byron

Gratitude to the spirit within makes our light shine

7. SPIRIT – Whether you think of it as the spirit of life or the spirit of God, there is something more to us than bodies and brains. It calls us to grow, to learn, to create, to love. Nurture your spirit.

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Leonardo da Vinci

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
John F. Kennedy
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